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March 24, 2006 Urdu Super Hit


The block bustard film of year 2006, Majajan a Punjabi film directed by Syed Noor was released across theaters in Pakistan in March 24, 2006. It did very well at the box office as it did Solo Silver Jubilees on its two main cinemas Metropole and Sozo Gold in Lahore. In a interview, director Syed Noor said that once he read the verses of Baba Bulleh Shah he promised himself that he will make a film on the concept of Ishq of great Sufi poet. He was looking for an opportunity to do that so he discussed the story with my wife (Rukhsana Noor) who is also a writer. She converted it into a full-fledged script and finally and created Majajan. On the other hand the producer of film Saima didn’t compromise on quality, and spent lavishly on making Majajan a masterpiece. Majajan‘s soundtrack consists of 10 songs of which only half have been used. Shaan has played this kind of role for the first time. Majajan is a love story Syed Noor says he made it most passionately. As said earlier, it was inspired by the life of Baba Bulleh Shah and his ‘ishq‘ with his ‘murshad’, It is interesting that Director of Majajan Syed Noor married the heroine Saima during shooting of this film. Majajan and has crossed Diamond Jubilee (100 weeks) in Lahore’s cinemas.


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Genre: Drama l Fiction Color: Color Run Time: 140 minutes


Credited cast:

 Madiha Shah
 Iftikhar Thakar
image not aval Wali
image not aval Shabnam Choudhry
 Sardar Kamal
 Rashid Mahmood
image not aval Goshi Khan
image not aval Sher Khan
 Raheela Agha
image not aval Kajal
image not aval Sheeba Butt
image not aval Tabassum
image not aval Najma Begum
 Azhar Rangeela
 Shafqat Cheema

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date:

March 24, 2006


Saima Production
Paragon Entertainment Group
Afzal M. Khan Presents;




Syed Noor

Writer / Story:

Rukhsana Noor


Khawaja Pervez
Professor Aqeel Rubi
Rukhasan Noor
Khursheed Kamal


Syed Noor


Syed Noor


M. Ashraf Shirazi
Khanu Samrat

Make Up:

Tahir, Asif (Hair Dressors)


SAM Collections
Ashiq Tailors
Javed (Dress man)

Fight Instructor:




Sound Recordist:



Dialogs Recording:

Farooq Studios

Associate Director:

Masood Ahmed

Chief Assistant Director:

Khalid Somro 

Assistant Director:

Baba Khadam


Z.A. Zulfi
Mateen Qadoos (Avid Editor)


Masood Butt
Farooq Butt

Still Photographer:

Kh. Afzal (Publicity)


Praful Katdare

Operative Cameraman:

Azhar Iqbal

Film Studios:

Evernew Studios Lahore


Zulfiqar Ali
M Arshad (background music)


Azra Jahan 

  1. Chhaiti bohri ve Tabiba, nain te Main mar geyi aa – Azra Jahan
  2. Dil dian lagian nu kon janda, main jandi ya – Azra Jahan
  3. Dil vailey tere naa di tasbih, baith ke jad main – Azra Jahan
  4. Ho geyi a sver ve, ja ve hun Dhola, kall millan gi – Azra Jahan
  5. Ja we kacheya Gharia, tera kiven karan eitbar – Azra Jahan
  6. Jindri –ishq de dhage wich soch samjh ke prohvin – Azra Jahan
  7. Kadi aa mil Dholna ve, haye main te raat dinne – Azra Jahan
  8. Mitti ke Khadoney, ghari pall de Prohney – Azra Jahan
  9. Ucha tera naam Moula, sacha tera naam – Azra Jahan
  10. Ve tun, neirhey neirhey wass ve Dholan Yaar – Azra Jahan



Technical Specifications




Drama l Fiction

Run Time:

140 minutes



Sound Format:



Aspect Ratio:



The story of film revolves around three perons, Zil-e-Shah (Shaan) an unhappily married man who belongs to the Syed clan, who falls in love with a courtesan, by the name of Taari (Saima) who arrives to perform in his village. Shaan’s wife (Madiha Shah) and family condemn their relationship due to difference in their clan/cast.


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