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June 13, 2013 Pashto Flop









  All possible details about the movie are appended below……. ………however looking foward for your input / information about this film, please.  

Genre: Drama l Fiction Color: Color Run Time: NC



Credited cast:

 Shahid Khan
 Sobia Khan
 Jahangir Khan Jani
 Sumbal Khan
 Babrak Shah
 Priya Khan
 Mumtaz Zeb
image not aval Imran Khan
 Muhammad Hussain Swati

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date: June 13, 2013

Hassan Walid Productions

Naman Younis presents:-

Producer: Malik Aslam
Director: Arshad Khan
Writer / Story: Saleem Murad
Lyrics: NC
Dialogues: Syed Irfan Shah
Editor: NC
Cinematography: Sajjad Rizvi
Music: Maas Khan

Saif Khan
Hashmat Sahar
Asma Lata
Raees Bacha
Iram Ashna

  1. Sa Nasha Me Da Zwaney 
  2. Ka Khabar We Saif Khan 
  3. Khudey De Ra Wada Ka Jeene Dil Raj 
  4. Sallamoona Salamona Nelo 
  5. Za Yam Lewaney Da Meene – Hashmat Sahar 
  6. Khoboona Me Haram Shi – Asma Lata / Khushboo 
  7. Aw Aw Zalmey Shawe – Hashmat Sahar / Khushboo 
  8. Da Charso Pa Nasha Ke – Hashmat Sahar / Asma Lata
  9. Janan Guloona – Raees Bacha / Iram Ashna 
  10. Laila Mor Darna Zaar – Hashmat Sahar / Asma Lata
  11. Wali Wali Pa Lara Ze – Hashmat Sahar / Asma Lata


Technical Specifications

Language: Pashto
Genre: Drama l Fiction
Run Time: NC
Length: NC
Sound Format: Stereophonic
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: CinemaScope






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