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September 13, 2016 Urdu l Pashto

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Genre: Drama l Comedy Color: Run Time: 133 mins



Credited cast:

image not aval Armeena Khan as Meena
image not aval Bilal Ashraf as Asfandyar Khan
image not aval Hania Aamir as Palwasha
image not aval Ali Rehman Khan as Daniyal Khan

image not aval Usman Mukhtar as Sameer

image not aval Ajab Gul as Asad Khan

image not aval Mishi Khan as Shireen Gul

image not aval Saad Zia Abbasi as chhotu

image not aval Fahad Ali Panni
image not aval Jalal Khan

 Nayyar Ejaz as Ikramullah

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date:

September 13, 2016 (Eid ul Azha)

In a recent contract signing between the film’s crew and renowned Bollywood network and distribution company B4U (network). It was confirmed that the film will be distributed globally by B4U Films in up to 17 countries. Whilst ARY Films will distribute it in Pakistan. The film will release across UAE, Middle East on September 8, 2016 whereas it will be shown on limited screens next day across UK, United States, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Fiji, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, East Africa, Singapore. The film will be released nationwide on 13 September (Eid al-Adha), and in India on September 16.


IRK Films
Distributed by
ARY Films
B4U Films


Hareem Farooq
Reham Khan
Munir Hussain
Imran Raza Kazmi


Azfar Jafri

Writer / Story:

Osman Khalid Butt


Jamshed Jan Muhammad

Publicity Design & Animation:


Production Design:



Rana Kamran


Mitesh Soni


Shani Arshad
Atif Aslam




Technical Specifications


Urdu l Pashto


Drama l Comedy

Run Time:

133 mins



Sound Format:

Stereophonic / Dts /

Aspect Ratio:







Composed by

(For more details go to Songogrpahy)


Armeena Khan (Meena) lives in Vancouver, Canada and studies there. Her family back home (Swat, Pakistan) are waiting for her arrival after eleven years for a cousin’s wedding Palwasha aka Paash (Haania Aamir) As soon as she arrives she’s shocked by seeing her cousin Asafandyar (Bilal Ashraf) who used to be a fat little brat and is now a young handsome fine man. Their other cousin Danyal (Ali Rehman Khan) also arrives to Swat from Islamabad where he and his parents live. Asfandyar and Palwasha are siblings who live in Swat. Upon Meena‘s arrival everyone rejoices and meets her. Palwasha takes Meena to her room and starts chit chat with her and tells her about her engagement with Samir and all the drama that happened because Samir was a Punjabi. After a series of light comedy events the wedding preparations start. Danyal shows interest in Meena and does things to impress her but his care free attitude compels Meena to take him seriously. She on the other hand is impressed by Asfandyar’s serious attitude and the way he’s quiet and runs a school for the under privileged class of Swat. The problem arises when a very at the night of Palwasha’s mehndi chotu (the servant) tells Asfandyar that their very close family friend and a very well respected figure of Swat who helps Asfandyar with school things is actually abusing the little children at school. Asfandyar gets out of control and slaps him infont of the gathering. This outrages everyone and they are annoyed by Asfandyar’s behavior. Danyal’s mother (Asfandyar’s chachi) mentions that he isnt their own blood that’s why he didn’t care about the family’s repute. This breaks Asfandyar but Danyal consoles him and tells him that he always admired and loved him. Meena slaps Asfandyar for the attitude but later regrets when she gets to know the story. Asfandyar doesn’t tell anyone the real matter and cuts off with everyone at the Nikkah of Palwasha. This saddens her so their dad talks to Asfandyar and gets to know the matter. He decides to stand with Asfandyar and support the children and go against Ikram ul Haq. Iqram ul Haq threatens the family id they don’t make peace he’ll destroy them. Meanwhile Asfandyar gets busy with the school burden and asks Danyal about his and Meena‘s relationship. Danyal accepts that he loves her so Asfandyar assists his borther to propose to Meena. Meena doesn’t accept the proposal and says they’re just very good friends. Danyal feels she’s more interested in Asfandyar who isn’t quite expressive. Danyal convinces Asfandyar to confess his love for Meena. The wedding day arrives. Everyone is happy and rukhsats Palwasha with tears and joy. Asfandyar heads to Meena‘s room to tell her but discovers her job letter and thinks she wants to return to Canada so doesn’t say it. Later that night Ikram ul Haqs men shoot the servant chotu who was a witness against Ikram ul haq in the child abusing case. Asfandyar is deeply saddened by this and is even more shocked when he sees the school burning into ashes. Meena and Danyal also arrive and Asfandyar runs into the burning building. ONE MONTH LATER. Meena is teaching the children of Asfandyar’s school. Danyal comes to pick her up and towards the court where Iqram ul haq is being sentenced and the people have turned against him. She demands to go to the graveyard where Asfandyar is standing on chotus grave. He thanks Meena for helping with the school and now that he’s back she should go to Canada to persue her job. Meena wants Asfandyar to confess his love for her which he doesn’t. This angers her and she runs after him to the car where Danyal is waiting. She proposes to him herself and says that her dreams are with Asfandyar and not in the job. Asfandyar (being shy) reciprocates his feelings and the three head towards their home. The movie ends on a good note. (Courtesy: Wikipedia)


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