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Na Band Na Baraati

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June 16, 2018 Urdu
Karachi l Canada

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Genre: Comedy | Romance Color: Run Time: 120 Mins



Credited cast:

Mikaal Zulfiqar
image not aval Shayan Khan
image not aval Nayab Khan
image not aval Komal Farooqi
image not aval Ali Kazmi
image not aval Azra Mohiuddin
image not aval Mehmood Akhtar
image not aval Anzhelika Tahir
image not aval Saram Jafri
image not aval Kashif Ahmed
image not aval Zuhair Jafri
Atiqa Odho

Supporting Cast:

image not aval Uzma Baig  image not aval Altaf Soorty
image not aval Sheena Lakhani image not aval Sheena Usman
image not aval Basma Sofia image not aval Syed Hamza Jafri
image not aval Akasha Shafi image not aval Gus Logan
image not aval Karan Channa image not aval Rana Singh
image not aval Bal Bassi image not aval Henriette De Vries
image not aval Kate Wang image not aval Shahzia Hussain
image not aval Amani Soorty image not aval Nesan Soorty
image not aval Mandeep Mann image not aval Ryan Kashif
image not aval Khushal Singh Rathor image not aval Anthony Bennet
image not aval Chanele Garrow image not aval Asma Kashif
image not aval Satwndar Singh image not aval Sydney Osbarne
image not aval Sarah Smith image not aval David Derose
image not aval Berry Jenkison image not aval Cerry Jenision
image not aval Ayman Soorty image not aval Ronoldy valencia
image not aval Klaiman Howard image not aval Paula

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date:

June 16, 2018 (Eid-ul-Fitr)


Zashko Entertainment
Distributed by Hum Films


Zain Farooqi


Mahmood Akthar


Harish Kumar Patel


Asif Munir
Irfan Saleem
Syed Adeel Ali

Production Manager:

Mehran Shojei


Benny Harper
Michael Falco
Adam Laycock
Elias Fuentes

Post Production:


Cinematography: Shezad Pasha
Editor: David Van
Music: Ayaz Sonu
Mohsin Ali (Background)

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Shafqat Amanat Ali
Sahir Ali Bagga
Aima Baig
Nimra Rafiq


Technical Specifications




Comedy | Romance

Run Time:

120 Mins



Sound Format:

Stereophonic / Dts /HD

Aspect Ratio:








Composed by

NC NC NC Ayaz Sonu
2 NC NC NC   Ayaz Sonu


(For more details go to Songogrpahy)


The movie revolves around a typical Pakistani family living in Toronto, Canada. The family is busy in organizing a desi wedding for their two sons in Toronto.



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