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Teefa in Trouble


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July 20, 2018 Urdu

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Genre: Drama l Action Color: Run Time: 155 Mins



Credited cast:

Ali Zafar as Teefa
Maya Ali as Anya
Faisal Qureshi as Tony (Dot) Shah,  Teefa’s friend
image not aval Mahenur Haider as Sara; Anya’s friend
Javed Sheikh as Bonzo aka Bashira; Anya’s father
image not aval Sofia Khan as Sophie; Bonzo’s wife and Anya’s step-mother
Mahmood Aslam as Butt Sahab
image not aval Asma Abbas as Khalida Butt; Butt Sahab’s wife
image not aval Marhoom Ahmad Bilal as Billu Butt; Butt Sahab’s only son
Nayyar Ejaz as Sheikh Sahab
Seemi Raheel as Baybae; Teefa’s mother
image not aval Tom Coulston as Andy
image not aval Moiz Kazmi
image not aval Salman Bokhari
image not aval Sufi Sahab (Guest Appearance)
image not aval Ranveer Singh  (endorser for Teefay De Tikkay)


Film Details with Crew

Released Date:

July 20, 2018


Lightingale Productions
Distributed by Mandviwalla Entertainment
Geo Films
Yash Raj Films


Ali Zafar


Ahsan Rahim

Writer / Screenplay:

Ali Zafar
Ahsan Rahim
Danyal Zafar

Lyrics: Ali Zafar
Visual Promotion:


Cinematography: Zain Haleem
Editor: Ahsan Rahim
Taha Ali
Music: Ali Zafar
Naqash Haider
Daniyal Zaffar

Ali Zafar
Aima Baig
Daniyal Zafar
Asma Abbas


Technical Specifications




Drama l Action

Run Time:

155 Mins



Sound Format:

Stereophonic / Dts /HD

Aspect Ratio:








Composed by

Chan Ve Ali Zafar, Aima Baig Ali Zafar Ali Zafar
2 Item Number Ali Zafar, Aima Baig Ali Zafar Naqash Haider
Butt Sahab (Title track) Ali Zafar Ali Zafar Ali Zafar
Sajna Door   Ali Zafar Ali Zafar, Daniyal Zafar
Ishq Nachaunda Ali Zafar Ali Zafar, S. M. Saddique Ali Zafar
Nahin Jaana Asma Abbas NC Shani Arshad

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The story revolves around Teefa, a witty middle-class Lahori boy who is raised by his mother Baybae (Seemi Raheal) after being orphaned from his father at a young age. Teefa is introduced to the world of crime by shady business dealer and local gangster Butt Sahab (Mahmood Aslam), and due to his impoverished upbringing, money and power are all that matter to him. Anya (Maya Ali) is the bold and stubborn daughter of Bashira aka Bonzo (Javed Sheikh), a childhood friend of Butt Sahab, who is now a successful business tycoon and multi-millionaire based in Warsaw, Poland. Butt Sahab plans to wed his goofy and spoilt son Billu Butt (Ahmed Bilal) to the charming Anya, but Bonzo refuses and instead has plans to marry off his daughter to the son of another Pakistani tycoon Mr. Bajwa, in order to build his connections. Meanwhile, Anya has a secret crush over her Polish friend Andy (Tom Coulston) and tries to fend off her father and conniving step-mother Sophie’s (Sofia Khan) repeated marriage nagging, but to no avail. She finally gives in to her father’s demands.

Butt Sahab, who is outraged at Bonzo for refusing his son’s hand and is not willing to take no for an answer, enlists Teefa to take the first flight to Warsaw, kidnap Anya and bring her back to Pakistan, so he can arrange his son’s wedding with her. Teefa is initially reluctant to do the job, but relents when he is offered Rs. 500,000 for his services. He lands in Poland, and is helped in the mission by his comical friend Tony (Faisal Qureshi). Both do not have any intelligent plans for the kidnapping, having not done such a job before.

Their job is made easy when they learn Anya plans to run away on the day of her wedding at the family mansion, and in an absurd and unexpected twist of events, she acquiesces them to stage her kidnapping. The story takes several comical turns once the trio is on the run, from one place to the next, escaping Bonzo’s army of guards.[9] Teefa gets into “trouble” when he begins to realise he is falling in love with Anya, while she too starts to slowly get attached to Teefa. She follows him to Lahore, where their journey of escape winds up when a heartbroken Anya eventually comes to realise the moment of truth. Teefa must now make a choice between love – or money, at the cost of deceit, and decides to set things straight. The chase is far from over, as this time they must double cross Butt Sahab and his goons, and Bonzo and his guards who are close behind their heels.

Escaping Bonzo and Butt Sahab for a while, Teefa is able to help Anya get on a train, where she finds Andy. Once the train departs, Teefa encounters Butt Sahab and Bonzo with their goons and guards. During the fight, Teefa is injured and falls to the ground, unconscious. The group gets on the train and finds Anya, and while arguing who she gets to go with, Teefa wakes up and fights his way across the train. Anya, in a confused state of mind, asks about why a woman cannot get to fulfil her own wishes. While arguing, Sheikh Sahab, one of Butt Sahab’s enemies, takes Anya hostage. Teefa fights his men, and even takes a bullet to the shoulder to save Bonzo. During a series of fights and arguments, Anya falls off the train, and Teefa jumps to save her, and they fall into a lake. Once they reach surface, they both admit their feelings to each other. After an emotional conversation, Teefa, realizing he fulfilled his purpose, seemingly succumbs to his wounds. In the aftermath, it is revealed that Teefa in fact did not die – merely injured himself. He cooks delicious dinner, and everyone is happy – Bonzo and Butt Sahab are friends, Billu is married, and Anya and Teefa are happy to be together.



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