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Showbiz Highlights of 1953

Gulnaar was first film which was produced in 1953 by Anwar Kamal Pasha in Shahnoor film studio. It was financed by Agha G.A. Gull who also got the Punjab Art Studio of Muslim Studio Lahore on rent and renamed it Evernew Studio. After the success of Ghulam, Anwar Kamal Pasha produced another hit movie Gumnam under the banner of Evernew Pictures.

Gulnaar was a wonderful movie from direction and production point of view but surprisingly proved a flop film after its release. Gulnaar was picturised in Shahnoor Studio under Crescent Films banner and it was proved a last the movie by Master Ghulam Haider, directed by Syed Imtiaz Ali Taj. Story of Gulnaar was based on the famous Masnavi Zahar e Ishiq.

Tassadaq Hussain the owner of Screen and Sound Studio made Aaghosh but did not do a worth mentioning business. Another film Tarrap directed by Aslam Irani was although a mediocre film but Tarrap gave him an inspiration and encouragement so consequently he directed Super Hit films. Prior to the direction of Tarrap, Aslam Irani was doing as assistance director in Laila Mandir Studio.

Film Cooperative was another production banner which started its functioning by launching four films.

On February 2, 1953 actor Shakir and Master Ghulam Haidar, the legendry musician of super hit films Khazanchi (1941) and Khandan (1942), died on November 9, 1953, respectively.

Punjabi film Shehri Babu completed in Shahnoor Studio by Nazir also met with success. A melodious Super hit music composed by Rasheed Attrey for Shehri Babu was a major contributor to the success of this film. Rasheed Attrey who was declared a flop musician after the release of Beli took a new birth with Shehri Babu and afterward she became the symbol a successful music for any movie. Inayat Hussain Bhatti made debut as actor and singer in this film with his song “Bhagan waleo naam japo Moula naam”. It is worth mentioning that Zubaida Khanum also appeared in the movie in which Producer & Director Nazir, prefered Santosh Kumar in Shehri Babu with his wife as heroine Souran Lata.



Summary of Films released in 1953

Ten films were released in 1953, summary is as follow:-

Language Super Hit Super Average Flop Total
Urdu 1 2 6 9
Punjabi 1 1
Total 2 2 6 10



Films Released in 1953


Following films were Released in 1953



Urdu (25 December, 1953)




Urdu – (13 June 1953)




Urdu – (13 June 1953)




Urdu – (9 January 1953)




Urdu – (6 November 1953)




Urdu – (9 October 1953)




Urdu – (7 August 1953)




Urdu – (27 February 1953)



Shehri Babu

Punjabi – (13 June 1953)




Urdu – (27 November 1953)



Language Wise

Films of 1953 as per Language

  Urdu Punjabi
1 Aaghosh Shehri Babu
2 Awaz  
3 Barkha  
4 Ghulam  
5 Gulnaar  
6 Ilzaam  
7 Mehbooba  
8 Sailab  
9 Tarrap  



Status Wise

Films released in 1953 (Status Wise)


Super Hit Super Average Flop
Ghulam   Gulnaar  Aaghosh
     Mehbooba Awaz



Super Hit Super Average Flop
Shehri Babu      



Lead Artists

Lead Artists – 1953

  Actors Actress
Urdu / Punjabi  Santosh Kumar Santosh Kumar

sabiha Sabiha Khanum 

Soran Sowran Lata





Following Artists debut their film career in 1953


Naeem Hashmi Naeem Hashmi (Ilzaam)  Sheikh Hassan (Barkha) Sultan Khosat (Barkha) Zulfi (Sailab)



Nighat Sultana (Mehbooba)  Rekha (Sailab)


 Waris Ludhianvi



 Tufail Farooqi (Barkha)



Zubaida Khanum (Shehri Babu)




Obituaries – 1953

Actors Actresses Misc
Shakir (2 Feb 1953)  Ahmed Ghulam Ali Chhangla (5 Feb 1953) Master Ghulam Haider (9 Nov 1953)

For death anniversary of other artists, go to Obituaries





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