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January 21, 1956   Urdu

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  1. Another good movie Anokhi was released on 21st January 1956 which was directed by Actor Shah Nawaz. Sheela Ramani the lead heroine of the film specially came from Bombay and acted as heroine of the film she was niece of Sheikh Latif Hussain the producer of the film. Music of the film was composed by Timar Burn from Calcutta where as the story of Anokhi was inspired from English film Fabulous Sinorita, but film didn’t do well in Pakistan however it proved Super film in Indian circuit.
  2. Sheela RamaniSheela Ramani was crowned Miss Shimla in the early 50s. She was mostly seen as upper class mod girl in the roles she portrayed in many movies. Upon the request of her uncle Sheikh Latif, she played the lead in Pakistani film Anokhi (1956). Sheila went back to India and starred in more movies in Mumbai. In the later part of her career, she was reduced to obscure films with titles that sounded like Jungle King (1959), and The Return of Superman (1960). Later on in her life she got married and moved to USA.
  3.  Singer Ahmed Rushdi started his career as singer from this film.
  4. Lehri debut his film career as actor from this film.  


All possible details about the movie are appended below……. ………however looking forward for your input / information about this film, please.

Genre: Drama l Fiction Color: Run Time: NC



Credited cast:

Sheela Ramani Sheela Ramani
Nayyar-Sultana Nayyar Sultana
Diljeet Mirza
Ahmed Rushdi

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date: January 21, 1956 Lahore
January 27, 1956 Karachi
Production: Film Exchange Filmezo Combine
Producer: Sheikh Latif Hassain (Lachhu Seth)
Director: Shahnawaz
Writer / Story / Screenplay:



Fayaz Hashmi


Ibrahim Jalees

Choreography: Madam Azori

Shoukat Abbas
T.N. Shah (Supervisor)

Assistant Director:

Baqir Rizvi
Qamar Zaidi
S.A. Razi

Art Director: NC
Music: Timar Barn
Hassan Latif
Debo Bhatichariya (Assistant)
Background Music:
Nazar Pervez
Inflex Karwalho

Zubaida Khanum
Ahmed Rushdi
Nazir Begum
Debora Danial


Technical Specifications




Drama l Action

Run Time:




Sound Format:

Analogue l Mono


Aspect Ratio:

Flat 4:3 







Composed by


Deep Bujhey, Hi Raat Jali, Tera Gham Kahe, Gham Se Yunhi Jal Ja Jalne Se Na Ghabra

Zubaida Khanum Fayaz Hashmi  Timar Barn 


Gari Ko Chalana, Babu, Zara Halkay Halkay Halkay, Dil Ka Jam Kahen Na Chhalke

Zubaida Khanum Fayaz Hashmi  Hassan Latif


Jeewan Ke Safar Mein Rahi, Jab Mil Ke Bichhar Jatey Hain, Tanhai Ki Har Manzil Mein Yaad Aati Hai

Zubaida Khanum Fayaz Hashmi  Timar Barn 


Kheil Kheil Piya Nazron Ka Khail Re, Bar Bar Hota Nahi Ankhon Ka Mail Re

Zubaida Khanum Fayaz Hashmi  Timar Barn 

Mari Laila Ne Aisi Kattar, Mian Majnu Ko Aaya Bukhar, Bare Zulmi Se War

Ahmed Rushdi Fayaz Hashmi  Timar Barn 


O Mere Piyare Dil Ke Saharey Dil Ye Pukarey Ke Aa Ke Mil Tere Bina Ghabraye Dil

D. Danial Fayaz Hashmi  Timar Barn 


Tere Honton Ne Keh Diya, Ruk Ruk Ke, Meri Ankhon Ne Keh Diya Jhuk Jhuk Ke

Zubaida Khanum Fayaz Hashmi  Timar Barn 


Ye Faza Ye Rut Suhani Yeh Sama Ye Chand Tarey, Zara Aap Muskara Dein Abhi

Zubaida Khanum Fayaz Hashmi  Timar Barn 

Zara Tham Tham Ke, Geet Suno Zara Jam Ke, Bol Hai Piyar Ki sargam Ke

Zubaida Khanum Fayaz Hashmi  Timar Barn 

(For more details go to Songography)
















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