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September 14, 1956  Urdu
Golden Jubilee l Lahore

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The first ever western style film of Pakistan was Baghi which proved another success of the year due to its action drama based story. The story was derived from Fazili brother’s old film Qaidi. The film was also released in China and cast of the film like Sudhir, Musarat Nazir and director Ashfaq Malik was officially invited by the China.

Story based on a true story of Akbar Khan.

Debut film of Rehman Verma as Musician.

sultan rahi cho image sSultan Rahi also started his film career through this film as an extra.

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Genre: Drama l Fiction Color:   Run Time: NC



Credited cast:

MussaraNazir Musarrat Nazeer
Sudhir Sudhir
Allaudin Alludin
Talish4 Talish
yasmeen Yasmin
nazar1 Nazar
zeenat begum Zeenat
m. Ajmal M. Ajmal
Ghulam Muhammad Ghulam Muhammad
image not aval Baby Shabana
image not aval Ayesha
image not aval Muhammad Hussain
image not aval Fazal
image not aval Iqbal
image not aval Nazir
image not aval Raja
image not aval Asif
image not aval Hamayun
image not aval Rakhshi
image not aval Shaheena
sultan rahi cho image s Sultan Rahi (Debut as Extra)

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date: September 14th 1956
Production: A.R. Films
Producer: Ashfaq Mailk
Riaz Ahmed
Director: Ashfaq Malik
Writer / Story: Arsh Lakhanvi
Lyrics: Saghir Sadiqui
Musheer Kazmi
A. K. Musarrat
Screenplay: Ashfaq Malik
Dialogs: Arsh Lakhanvi
Choreography: F. Aziz
Make Up: Anwar
Shaukat (Assistant)
M. Latif (Hair Style)
Wardrobe: Master Tufail
Fight Instructor: Fazal Khan
Processing: Piyarey Khan
Hashmatullah, Hamidullah, Fasiullah (Assistant)
Sound Recordist: C. Mandody
Aslam Choudhry, Hafiz (Assistant)
Production Manager: Riaz Bilal
Ghulam Muhammad, Shera (Assistant)
Misc: NC
Chief Assistant Director: A.K. Musarrat
Assistant Director: Saleem, Akhtar (Assistant)
Editor: A. K. Mussarat
Saleem, Amin (Assistant)
Cinematography: Riaz Ahmed
Still Photography: Wazir Ali
Mustafa, Musa (Publicity)
Operative Cameraman: Pervez Akhtar
Fayz, Aslam, Bahar  (Assistant)
Art Director: M. Ramzan
Titles: NC
Film Studios: Malika Studios
Music: Rehman Varma
Inayat Hazarvi (Assistant)
Singers: Zubaida Khanum
Munawar Sultana
Kousar Parveen
Pukhraj Pappu
Inayat Hussain Bhatti


Technical Specifications

Language: Urdu
Genre: Drama l Fiction
Run Time: NC
Length: NC
Sound Format: Mono l Analogue
Aspect Ratio: Flat 4:3







Composed by


Aaj Hum Ko Mila Dildar Karen Dil Ki Umangen Singhar Saji Naino Mein

Zubaida Khanum NC Rehman Varma 


Balam Tum Har Geye, Jeeta Mera Piyar Ho, Mano Na Mano Piya Tum Apni Har Ko

Zubaida Khanum Mushir Kazmi Rehman Varma 


Ho Geya Gori Ishq Mein Tere Apna Pateya Gol, Chhor Re Ghussa Chhamak Chhalo Dil Ki Kundi Khol

Zubaida Khanum, Inayat Hussain Bhatti A.K. Mussarat Rehman Varma 


Ho Jhomti Jawani Ko Mushkil Hai Thamna, Rang Bhare Sapno Se Hua Hai Samna

Munawar Sultana & Co NC  Rehman Varma 

Kaise Kahon Main Alvidah, Jaun Kahan Main Keya Karon, Aaney Ka Waada Tum Karo Milne Ki Duayen Main Karon

Zubaida Khanum Mushir Kazmi Rehman Varma 


Mout Ko To De Sada, Ae Dil Nahi Rehey Tere Jeene Ke Din

Kousar Parveen Mushir Kazmi Rehman Varma 


Tera Jug Jug Jeewey Lal O Babu, Is Jholi Mwin Kuchh Dal A Babu

Pukhraj Pappu Mushir Kazmi  Rehman Varma 


Yehi Duniya Hai Teri Is Qadar Zalim Ke Toofan Yehan Aatey Hain Teri Masjid

Zubaida Khanum Mushir Kazmi  Rehman Varma 

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