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Dulla Bhatti

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 January 6, 1956 Punjabi

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The year 1956 was a golden year and glaring mile stone in the history of Pakistan film industry when out of thirty one released films, twelve films did a box office hit business. It took a good start with the release of Dulla Bhatti on 6th January 56. It was released by Evernew Pictures and directed by famous film journalist M. S. Dar, melodious music of the film became one of the major factor in its success. From business point of view it achieved the heights, it is to be said that Agha G.A.Gul had purchased fifty acres of land and inaugurated Evernew Studios out of the income of Dulla Bhatti. At the same time studio of Muslim Town was renamed as Old Evernew Studios.


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Genre: Drama l Fiction Color: Run Time: NC




Credited cast:

sabiha Sabiha Khanum
Sudhir Sudhir
Asha Posley
M. Ismail
Asif Jah 
image not aval Nafees
image not aval Rakhshi
zeenat begum Zeenat
Sultan Khosat
 Neelo (as Extra)
image not aval Feroz Ali
fazal haq1 Fazal Haq
Ghulam Muhammad
Shiekh Iqbal Sheikh Iqbal
Akmal (as Extra)
Allaudin Allaudin

Complete credited cast: NC


Film Details with Crew

Released Date: January 6, 1956
Production: Ever New Pictures
Producer: Agha G.A. Gul
Director: M.S. Dar
Anwar Kamal Pasha as supervisor
Writer / Story: Baba Alam Siaposh
Lyrics: Tufail Hoshiarpuri
Baba Alam siaposh
G.A. Chishti
F.D. Sharaf
Screenplay: NC
Dialogues: Baba Alam Siaposh
Choreography: Ashiq Hussain Samrat
Make Up: Charlie
M. Latif (Hair Style)
Wardrobe: Hollywood Tailors
M. Feroze
Fight Instructor: NC
Processing: Rehman
Sound Recordist: Mehar Shah
Dialogs Recording: Afzal Hussain
Chief Organizer: Anwar Kemal
Production Manager: Abrar Hussain
Hassan ShahShakil
Associate Director: Khalil Rehman
Chief Assistant Director: Vajee
A. Rashid (Assistant)
Assistant Director: NC
Editor: M. Akram
Cinematography: Rasheed Lodhi
Still Photographer: NC
Titles: NC
Art Director: Ghulam Nabi Saifi
Operative Cameraman: M. Aslam Dar
Mushtaq, Ikram (Assistant)
Film Studios: Evernew Studios
Music: G.A. Chishti
Singers: Munawar Sultana
Inayat Hussain Bhatti
Iqbal Bano
Zubaida Khanum



Technical Specifications

Language: Punjabi
Genre: Drama l Fiction
Run Time: NC
Length: NC
Sound Format: Mono l Analogue
Aspect Ratio: Flat 4:3







Composed by


Dil De De Dil Le Le, Aai Jawani Mastani Neyun Aani Mur Ke

Zubaida Khanum Tufail Hoshiarpuri G.A. Chishti 


Hasdeyan Akhiyan Ve Rona, Palley Pe Geya Piyar Sada, Dil Wich Reh Geya

Iqbal Bano NC G.A. Chishti 


Kehra Ae Ve Kehara Ae Chan Mahi Mera Ae

Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Asha Posley Baba Alam Siaposh G.A. Chishti 


Piyar Kar Le, Aa Ja Piyar Kar Le, Paisey Nai Je Kol Te Udhar Kar Le

Munawar Sultana G.A. Chishti G.A. Chishti 

Rabb Di Janab Wichon Ehodil Mangda

Munwar Sultana & Co F.D. Sharaf G.A. Chishti 


Tari Ri Tari Ri Tara Tara, Tenu Kinney Mareya

Munawar Sultana, Inayat Hussain Bhatti Baba Alam Siaposh G.A. Chishti 


Tera Dil Tere Wass Wich Neyun Rehna Kisi Nal Akh Lar Geyi

Munawar Sultana Tufail Hoshiarpuri G.A. Chishti 


Tere Piyar Di Nazar Jadu Kar Geyi, Hi Main Mar Ooi Main Mar Geyi

Munawar Sultana Tufail Hoshiarpur G.A. Chishti 

Thakey Raat De Nazare Soun Lage, Menu Jaan De Hi Menu Jan De

Munawar Sultana Tufail Hoshiarpuri G.A. Chishti 


Wasta Ee Rabb Da Tu Javen Ve Kabotra, Chithi Mere Dhol Nu Puhnchai Be Kabotra

Munawar Sultana Tufail Hoshiarpuri G.A. Chishti 

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