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1932 Films



1932 Punjabi


1931 was revolutionary year in sub-continent as first ever talkie film of India Alam Ara was released on March 14, 1931 at Majestic cinema Bombay. The film was made under the banner of Imperial Film Company by Ardsher Irani, music composed by Feroz Shah Mistry, written by Devid Joseph and Munshi Zaheer have written the dialogues of the film. Zubaida, Master Withal, Jalo Bai, Pirthivi Raj, W. M. Khan, Elarz, Jagdesh Sethi and Soshila were in the main cast of Alam Ara. Total 10500 feet length of film was made with cost of rupees forty thousand. In Lahore the picture was released at Capital Theater (Regent Cinema) by Royal Pictures Distribution Company owned by Hakim Ram Parshad. The film publicity was popular that 2 aanas ticket was sold at 6 aanas which was sold at black ten to fifteen rupees. The release of Alam Ara totally terminated the era of silent films. So producers who were in the process of making silent films switched over to talkies.

Hakim Ram Parshad owned five cinemas in Lahore and was known as King of Cinemas. Moreover he had a film distribution office named Royal Pictures Distributer and he earned lot income on the release of Alam Ara. Afterward he invited A. R. Kardar from Bombay and made Play Art Phototone film Production Company with collaboration of A. R. Kardar and established one floor studios named Play Art Phototone Studios behind the Regent cinema at Macleod road which was subsequently renamed as City Studios. After hard work put in by all actors, workers the first film produced was Heer Ranjha. Under the direction A. R. Kardar, daughter of Naziran Billi, Anwar Begum from Amratsar played the role of Heer, Rafiq Ghaznavi as Ranjha and M. Ismail played as Kedo and other cast includes Lala Yaqub, Haider Shah, Hassan Din, Nazir, Gul Hameed and Fazal Shah.

Heer Ranjha was released in 1932 in Capital and Aziz Theater but proved to be a flop film mainly because of the poor cinematography so it was removed from the cinemas just after one week of its release. The best outcome of the film was the love affair of Anwar Begum and Rafiq Ghaznavi which was terminated in to their marriage and both of them shifted to Bombay.


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Genre: Drama l Folk Story Color: Run Time: NC






Credited cast:

image not aval Anwari Begum as  Heer
image not aval Rafiq Ghaznavi as  Ranjha
M. Ismail as  Kedo
image not aval Lala Yaqoob
image not aval Haider Shah
image not aval Hassan Din
image not aval Nazir
Gul Hameed
image not aval Fazal Shah
image not aval Walayat Begum

Complete credited cast: NC

Film Details with Crew

Released Date:



Play Art Phototone


Hakim Ram Parshad


A. R. Kardar

Writer / Story:

Syed Abid Ali Abid


Syed Abid Ali Abid


M. Sadiq




V. M. Vias


Rafiq Ghaznavi

Master Ghulam Haidar (Assistant)


Anwari Begum

Rafiq Ghaznavi


Technical Specifications

Language: Punjabi
Genre: Drama l Fiction
Run Time: NC
Length: NC
Sound Format: Mono

Aspect Ratio: 4:3







Composed by


Doli Charh Deyan Marian Heer Cheekan

 NC Abid Ali Abid Rafiq Ghaznavi 


Heer Awaza Mar Di Aa

 NC Abid Ali Abid  Rafiq Ghaznavi 


Jogi Chhad Jahan Faqir Hoye, Es Jagg Wich Buhat Khawarian Ne

 NC Abid Ali Abid  Rafiq Ghaznavi 


Tur Chaleya Ranjha Ni, Meri Preet Nu Tor Ke

Anwari Begum  Abid Ali Abid  Rafiq Ghaznavi 








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