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Nigar Awards


Nigar Awards

Mr. Ilyas Rasheedi the editor of weekly Nigar newspaper which is basically related to Pakistan showbiz introduced Nigar Awards which were meant to present to recognize outstanding achievement of film related personalities in Pakistani cinema. Holding frequency of the award was decided annually and the annual presentation ceremony would feature performances by prominent artists. The first Nigar Awards ceremony was held in 1957, to honor the accomplishments of Pakistani cinema for the year 1956. From 1957 till year 2002, following the 46th Annual Nigar Awards, Nigar Award management announced its discontinuation of the awards due to the downfall of the Pakistani cinema industry. After a fifteen year pause, with the revival of Pakistani cinema, Mr. Aslam Ilyas Rasheedi the editor of weekly Niagar announced holding of 47th Nigar Awards in 2017 in Karachi.

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History of the Nigar Awards

As mentioned above, the Nigar Awards were introduced in 1957 by Ilyas Rashidi, who is also known as Baba-e-Filmi Sahafat in Pakistan. The award was an extension of the Nigar weekly newspaper, which was also founded by Ilyas Rashidi in 1949. Nigar newspaper was Pakistan’s first weekly newspaper dedicated solely to Pakistani cinema. Ilyas Rashidi acquired experience in entertainment journalism through his association with Umer Azad who happened to be his elder brother and his daily newspaper Anjum, which had shifted its offices from Delhi to Karachi in 1947. Ilyas Rasheedi had been inspired by Filmfare magazine (Indian) and thus purchased a children’s magazine Monthly Nigar from his friend Ibne Hassan Nigar, and re-branded it as a weekly film magazine from Karachi. The first award distribution ceremony was held on 17 July 1957 at Evernew Studios in Lahore. One can imagine the straight forwardness of Ilyas Rasheedi when Sabiha Khanum who was then main lead actress of that era accepted the invitation of ceremony with the condition the if she would be given the Best Actress award she would only join the ceremony. Ilyas Rasheedi refused and said that it is not his decision to finalize the nominations instead it is the Award jury which had to finalize the awardees. So Sabiha Khanum never attended the ceremony whereas she was declared the Best Actress of the year and award was received by Santosh Kumar on her behalf.




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Design of the Award

Prior to Award ceremony Ilyas Rashidi hold very long debate about the design of the Award shield. He also consulted film artists, film 

gores for finalization of shield. After lot of deliberations, Ilyas Rasheedi selected the design of a lady statuette wrapped with film strip. Same designed shield was awarded to deserve artists from Pakistan filmdom annually from 1957 till 1977. The statue design of lady was altered into a textual design during the Islamic dictatorial rule of President General Zia-ul-Haq in 1977. President Zia imposed restriction on projection of woman with negative / X-rated impact. The decision of the president is now highly appreciated as during so called Awami regime, when projection of woman in films was getting objectionable with every next film to serious minded film gores and to avoid embarrassment frequency of families visiting to cinema houses was decreased. Finally president had to peep in and imposed restriction in projection of such stuff. Accordingly Nigar management also altered the design of lady statue to a textual shield. Once again in 2017, the 47th Nigar Awards was reverted back to its original award design.



Conduct of Ceremony

Unlike other award winning ceremonies in which practice of envelope opening and announcing the final awardee by guest, Niagar award committee prints the names of the winners on the back of the invitation cards that are sent to all invitees. This removes the charm of suspenseful moments for the attendees. Despite all this, the award committee has strict rules of only considering the candidacy of those films and television shows that are nominated for the awards and their copies are provided by the filmmakers or distributors to the Awards Committee of Nigar Awards. The Nigar Awards are also known for their impartial assessment and unbiased attitude as compared with other high-level awards in Pakistan for the public entertainment media. Another prominent factor of the awards is that, over time, various categories from both television and film industry that have been included to cover such subjects as Urdu, Punjabi and Pashto and Sindhi films.



Categories of Awards

The Nigar Awards are divided into Urdu, Pashto, Punjabi and Sindhi sections and each section having following categories:

  • Best Film
  • Best Director
  • Best Script
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Supporting Actress
  • Best Music
  • Best Lyrics
  • Best Camera
  • Best Female Singer
  • Best Male Singer
  • Best Editing
  • Best Art Director
  • Best Sound
  • Best Comedian
  • Special Awards
  • Ilyas Rashidi Lifetime Achievement Gold Medal





Nigar Awards from 1957 to 2002 – Complete Details

Best FilmAkbar KhanYeh Dil Aap Ka HuaUrdu2002
Best DirectorJaved SheikhYeh Dil Aap Ka HuaUrdu2002
Best Script WriterBabar KashmiriYeh Dil Aap Ka HuaUrdu2002
Best ActorMoammar RanaYeh Dil Aap Ka HuaUrdu2002
Best ActressSanaYeh Dil Aap Ka HuaUrdu2002
Best Supporting ActorSaleem SheikhYeh Dil Aap Ka HuaUrdu2002
Best Supporting ActressVeena MalikYeh Dil Aap Ka HuaUrdu2002
Best MusicianAmjad BobbyYeh Dil Aap Ka HuaUrdu2002
Special AwardWaheed MuradLegend AwardsUrdu2002
Special AwardHabibLifetime Achievement AwardUrdu2002
Special AwardBahar BegumLifetime Achievement AwardUrdu2002
Special AwardGhulam MohiuddinLifetime Achievement AwardUrdu2002
Special AwardZebaIlyas Rashidi Gold MedalUrdu2002
Special AwardNadeemIlyas Rashidi Gold MedalUrdu2002
Best FilmSaqib KhanKhoey Ho Tum KahanUrdu2001
Best DirectorAjab GulKhoey Ho Tum KahanUrdu2001
Best Script WriterUrdu2001
Best ScreenplayKhoey Ho Tum KahanUrdu2001
Best ActorAjab GulKhoey Ho Tum KahanUrdu2001
Best ActressMeeraKhoey Ho Tum KahanUrdu2001
Best EditorZ.A. ZulfiUrdu2001
Best FilmShehzad GulTere Piyar MeinUrdu2000
Best DirectorHassan AskariTere Piyar MeinUrdu2000
Best Script WriterRaja Aziz KhanTere Piyar MeinUrdu2000
Best ScreenplayRashid Sajid And Mazhar AnjumTere Piyar MeinUrdu2000
Best ActorShaanTere Piyar MeinUrdu2000
Best ActressZara SheikhTere Piyar MeinUrdu2000
Best Supporting ActorRaza RiazTere Piyar MeinUrdu2000
Best Supporting ActressAtiqa OdhoMujhe Chaand ChahiyeUrdu2000
Best MusicianRonaq Ali And Sajid AliMujhe Chaand ChahiyeUrdu2000
Best LyricistRiaz-Ur-Rehman SaghirMujhe Chaand ChahiyeUrdu2000
Best CinematographerWaqar Bukhar And Faisal BukhariMujhe Chaand ChahiyeUrdu2000
Best ChoreographerPappu SamratMujhe Chaand ChahiyeUrdu2000
Best Playback Female SingerSaima JahanMujhe Chaand ChahiyeUrdu2000
Best Playback Male SingerWaris BaigMujhe Chaand ChahiyeUrdu2000
Best EditorZulfiTere Piyar MeinUrdu2000
Best Art DirectorTanweer FatimaMujhe Chaand ChahiyeUrdu2000
Best Sound EditorAfzal HussainTere Piyar MeinUrdu2000
Best ComedianUrdu2000
Special AwardSabiha KhanumHonorary Gold Medal AwardedUrdu2000
Special AwardKamalLifetime Achievement AwardUrdu2000
Special AwardNaghmaLifetime Achievement AwardUrdu2000
Special AwardReemaMujhe Chaand ChahiyeUrdu2000
Best FilmMehndi Waley HathPunjabi2000
Best DirectorSyed NoorMehndi Waley HathPunjabi2000
Best Script WriterRukhsana NoorMehndi Waley HathPunjabi2000
Best ActorMoammar RanaMehndi Waley HathPunjabi2000
Best ActressSaimaMehndi Waley HathPunjabi2000
Best Supporting ActorShafqat CheemaMehndi Waley HathPunjabi2000
Best Supporting ActressNargisLong Da LashkaraPunjabi2000
Best MusicianZulfiqar Ali And Altaf HaiderMehndi Waley HathPunjabi2000
Best LyricistRukhsana NoorMehndi Waley HathPunjabi2000
Best CinematographerAli JanMehndi Waley HathPunjabi2000
Best Playback Female SingerSaima NaseemMehndi Waley HathPunjabi2000
Special AwardBabar AliMehndi Waley HathPunjabi2000
Best FilmJannat Ki TalashUrdu1999
Best DirectorHassan AskariJannat Ki TalashUrdu1999
Best Script WriterNavees PervaizJannat Ki TalashUrdu1999
Best ScreenplaySyed NoorDaku RaniUrdu1999
Best ActorShaanJannat Ki TalashUrdu1999
Best ActressSaimaJannat Ki TalashUrdu1999
Best Supporting ActorJaved SheikhGuns And RosesUrdu1999
Best Supporting ActressSanaJannat Ki TalashUrdu1999
Best MusicianWaqar AliEk Aur Love StoryUrdu1999
Best LyricistAhmed FarazJannat Ki TalashUrdu1999
Best CinematographerWaqar BukhariGuns And RosesUrdu1999
Best ChoreographerGuns And RosesUrdu1999
Best Playback Female SingerMehnazJannat Ki TalashUrdu1999
Best Playback Male SingerAsif MehdiJannat Ki TalashUrdu1999
Best EditorZ.A. ZulfiDaku RaniUrdu1999
Best Art DirectorTanveer MalikGuns And RosesUrdu1999
Best Sound EditorMujhe Jeenay DoUrdu1999
Best ComedianUrdu1999
Special AwardMohammad AliMillennium AwardUrdu1999
Special AwardZebaMillennium AwardUrdu1999
Special AwardNadeemMillennium AwardUrdu1999
Special AwardBahar BegumMillennium AwardUrdu1999
Special AwardQateel ShifaiMillennium AwardUrdu1999
Special AwardBadar MunirMillennium AwardUrdu1999
Special AwardUmer SharifMillennium AwardUrdu1999
Special AwardRangeelaMillennium AwardUrdu1999
Special AwardSabiha KhanumMillennium AwardUrdu1999
Special AwardNeeloMillennium AwardUrdu1999
Special AwardNusret Fateh Ali KhanMillennium AwardUrdu1999
Special AwardMehdi HassanMillennium AwardUrdu1999
Special AwardNoor JahanMillennium AwardUrdu1999
Special AwardAli Sufyan AfaqiMillennium AwardUrdu1999
Special AwardShamim AraIlyas Rashidi Gold MedalUrdu1999
Special AwardAnjumanUrdu1999
Special AwardMeeraUrdu1999
Special AwardShehzad RoyUrdu1999
Best FilmNikki Jaee HaanPunjabi1999
Best DirectorMasood ButtNikki Jaee HaanPunjabi1999
Best Script WriterBabar KashmiriNikki Jaee HaanPunjabi1999
Best ActorMoammar RanaNikki Jaee HaanPunjabi1999
Best ActressReemaNikki Jaee HaanPunjabi1999
Best Supporting ActorAbid AliNikki Jaee HaanPunjabi1999
Best Supporting ActressLailaNikki Jaee HaanPunjabi1999
Best MusicianZulfiqar AliNikki Jaee HaanPunjabi1999
Best LyricistAhmed RahiNikki Jaee HaanPunjabi1999
Best CinematographerPervaiz KhanChaudraniPunjabi1999
Best ChoreographerNikki Jaee HaanPunjabi1999
Best Playback Female SingerAzra JehanNikki Jaee HaanPunjabi1999
Best FilmNikahUrdu1998
Best DirectorSangeetaNikahUrdu1998
Best Script WriterPervaiz KalimNikahUrdu1998
Best ScreenplaySyed NoorZaiwarUrdu1998
Best ActorShaanNikahUrdu1998
Best ActressReemaNikahUrdu1998
Best Supporting ActorSohail KhanDeewarainUrdu1998
Best Supporting ActressSahibaZaiverUrdu1998
Best MusicianNisar BazmiVery Good Duniya Very Bad LogUrdu1998
Best LyricistMasroor AnwarVery Good Duniya Very Bad LogUrdu1998
Best CinematographerRiaz ButtNikahUrdu1998
Best Playback Female SingerShazia ManzoorVery Good Duniya Very Bad LogUrdu1998
Best Playback Male SingerAnwar RafiVery Good Duniya Very Bad LogUrdu1998
Best ComedianIsmail TaraDeewarainUrdu1998
Best FilmChoorianPunjabi1998
Best DirectorSyed NoorChoorianPunjabi1998
Best Script WriterRukhsana NoorChoorianPunjabi1998
Best ActorMoammar RanaChoorianPunjabi1998
Best ActressSaimaChoorianPunjabi1998
Best Supporting ActorShafqat CheemaChoorianPunjabi1998
Best Supporting ActressErum TahirPardeesiPunjabi1998
Best MusicianNisar BazmiChoorianPunjabi1998
Best LyricistMasroor AnwarChoorianPunjabi1998
Best CinematographerNaseeruddinChoorianPunjabi1998
Best Playback Female SingerSaira NasimChoorianPunjabi1998
Best Playback Male SingerAmeer AliChoorianPunjabi1998
Best Tv DirectorTajdar AlamDrama Serial,  Rahi-The GreatUrdu1998
Best FilmDeewane Tere Pyar KeUrdu1997
Best DirectorSyed NoorDeewaney Tere Pyar KeUrdu1997
Best Script WriterSyed NoorDeewanay Tere Pyar KeUrdu1997
Best ScreenplayKhalilur Rehman QamarKarazUrdu1997
Best ActorShaanSangamUrdu1997
Best ActressNeeliMard Jeenay Nahi DetayUrdu1997
Best Supporting ActorGhulam MohiuddinKarzUrdu1997
Best Supporting ActressSanaSangamUrdu1997
Best MusicianAmjad BobbyDeewanay Tere Pyar KeUrdu1997
Best LyricistRukhsana NoorSangamUrdu1997
Best CinematographerAakif MalikDeewanay Tere Pyar KeUrdu1997
Best Playback Female SingerHumaira ChannaSangamUrdu1997
Best Playback Male SingerAnwar RafiDil Kisi Ka Dost NahiUrdu1997
Best ComedianSardar KamalDeewanay Tere Pyar KeUrdu1997
Best FilmKala RajPunjabi1997
Best DirectorFaiz MalikKala RajPunjabi1997
Best Script WriterNasir AdeebKala RajPunjabi1997
Best ActorIzhar QaziKala RajPunjabi1997
Best ActressReemaKala RajPunjabi1997
Best Supporting ActorShafqat CheemaKala RajPunjabi1997
Best Supporting ActressNargisKala RajPunjabi1997
Best MusicianWajaht AttreSukanPunjabi1997
Best LyricistSaeed GilaniKala RajPunjabi1997
Best Playback Female SingerAzra JehanLohariaPunjabi1997
Best FilmHawaenUrdu1996
Best DirectorSyed NoorHawaenUrdu1996
Best Script WriterRukhsana NoorHawaenUrdu1996
Best ScreenplaySyed NoorHawaenUrdu1996
Best ActorSaudHawaenUrdu1996
Best ActressMeeraKhilonaUrdu1996
Best Supporting ActorAli AijazKhilonaUrdu1996
Best Supporting ActressAndaleebGhunghatUrdu1996
Best MusicianAmjad BobbyGhunghatUrdu1996
Best LyricistRiaz-Ur-Rahman SaghirGhunghatUrdu1996
Best CinematographerWaqar BukhariChief SahibUrdu1996
Best Playback Female SingerShazia Manzoor And Saira NasimChor Machaaey ShorUrdu1996
Best Playback Male SingerArshad MehmoodGhunghatUrdu1996
Best ComedianIsmail TaraChief SahibUrdu1996
Best FilmSakahi BadshahPunjabi1996
Best DirectorMasood ButtSakahi BadshahPunjabi1996
Best Script WriterNasir AdeebSakahi BadshahPunjabi1996
Best ActorIzhar QaziSakahi BadshahPunjabi1996
Best ActressSaimaSakahi BadshahPunjabi1996
Best Supporting ActorHuymoon QureshiSakahi BadshahPunjabi1996
Best Supporting ActressNeeliSakahi BadshahPunjabi1996
Best MusicianTaffuSakahi BadshahPunjabi1996
Best CinematographerMasood ButtSakahi BadshahPunjabi1996
Best FilmSyed NoorSargamUrdu1995
Best DirectorSyed NoorSargamUrdu1995
Best Script WriterSyed NoorSargamUrdu1995
Best ScreenplayDabeerul HasanMunda Bigra JaiyUrdu1995
Best ActorJaved SheikhMushkilUrdu1995
Best ActressZeba BakhtiarSargamUrdu1995
Best Supporting ActorMahraj Ghulam HussainSargamUrdu1995
Best Supporting ActressZeba ShehnazMunda Bigra JaeyUrdu1995
Best MusicianAdnan Sami KhanSargamUrdu1995
Best LyricistRiaz-Ur-Rahman SaghirSargamUrdu1995
Best CinematographerWaqar BukhariMushkilUrdu1995
Best Playback Female SingerHadiqa KiyaniSargamUrdu1995
Best Playback Male SingerAnwar RafiJeevaUrdu1995
Best ComedianIsmail TaraMunda Bigra JaeyUrdu1995
Best FilmJungle Ka QanoonPunjabi1995
Best DirectorMasood ButtJungle Ka QanoonPunjabi1995
Best Script WriterNasir AdeebJungle Ka QanoonPunjabi1995
Best ActorSultan RahiGubbar SinghPunjabi1995
Best ActressReemaJungle Ka QanoonPunjabi1995
Best Supporting ActorHuymoon QureshiJungle Ka QanoonPunjabi1995
Best Supporting ActressNargisMadam RaniPunjabi1995
Best MusicianM. AshrafJungle Ka QanoonPunjabi1995
Best LyricistKhawaja PervaizJungle Ka QanoonPunjabi1995
Best CinematographerMasood ButtMadam RaniPunjabi1995
Best Playback Female SingerSaira NasimJungle Ka QanoonPunjabi1995
Best Playback Male SingerGhulam AbbasJungle Ka QanoonPunjabi1995
Best FilmSar Kata InsaanUrdu1994
Best DirectorShamim AraAakhri MujraUrdu1994
Best Script WriterMazhar AnjumAakhri MujraUrdu1994
Best ScreenplayMazhar AnjumAakhri MujraUrdu1994
Best ActorGhulam MohiuddinSar Kata InsaanUrdu1994
Best ActressNeeliAakhri MujraUrdu1994
Best Supporting ActorTalishAakhri MujraUrdu1994
Best Supporting ActressNayyar SultanaSar Kata InsaanUrdu1994
Best MusicianWajid Ali NashadAakhri MujraUrdu1994
Best LyricistQateel ShifaiSar Kata InsaanUrdu1994
Best CinematographerSaeed RizviSar Kata InsaanUrdu1994
Best Playback Female SingerHumaira ChannaAakhri MujraUrdu1994
Best Playback Male SingerTehseen JavedSar Kata InsaanUrdu1994
Best ComedianIsmail TaraAakhri MujraUrdu1994
Best FilmRani Beeti Raj KaraygiPunjabi1994
Best DirectorAltaf HusainRani Beeti Raj KaraygiPunjabi1994
Best Script WriterBashir NiazRani Beeti Raj KaraygiPunjabi1994
Best ActorYousuf KhanBuat ShikanPunjabi1994
Best ActressReemaRani Beeti Raj KaraygiPunjabi1994
Best Supporting ActorHuymoon QureshiKhandanPunjabi1994
Best Supporting ActressBaharZameen AasmanPunjabi1994
Best MusicianM. AshrafAakhri MujraPunjabi1994
Best LyricistKhawaja PervaizAakhri MujraPunjabi1994
Best Playback Female SingerShamsa KanwalRani Beeti Raj KarraygiPunjabi1994
Best Playback Male SingerGhulam AbbasRani Beeti Raj KarraygiPunjabi1994
Best Tv DirectorTajdar AlamDrama Serial "Chand Grahan"Urdu1994
Best FilmShamim KhurshidHathi Mere SathiUrdu1993
Best DirectorShamim AraHathi Mere SathiUrdu1993
Best Script WriterPervaiz KaleemGunaahUrdu1993
Best ScreenplayPervaiz KaleemGunaahUrdu1993
Best ActorUmer SharifMr. CharlieUrdu1993
Best ActressReemaHathi Mere SathiUrdu1993
Best Supporting ActorAuranzeb LaghariQasamUrdu1993
Best Supporting ActressKanwalQasamUrdu1993
Best MusicianWajid Ali NashadHathi Mere SathiUrdu1993
Best LyricistSaeed GilaniHathi Mere SathiUrdu1993
Best CinematographerBabar BilalQasamUrdu1993
Best Playback Female SingerHumaira ChannaGunaahUrdu1993
Best Playback Male SingerSajjad AliHathi Mere SathiUrdu1993
Best ComedianIsmail TaraHathi Mere SathiUrdu1993
Best FilmInsayniatPunjabi1993
Best DirectorHasnainInsayniatPunjabi1993
Best Script WriterNasir AdeebKhuda GawahPunjabi1993
Best ActorJaved SheikhZamanaPunjabi1993
Best ActressNeeliZamanaPunjabi1993
Best Supporting ActorIrfan KhoosatJohtay RaeesPunjabi1993
Best Supporting ActressBaharZamanaPunjabi1993
Best MusicianM. AshrafInsayniatPunjabi1993
Best LyricistKhawaja PervaizInsayniatPunjabi1993
Best Playback Female SingerShamsa KanwalZamanaPunjabi1993
Best Playback Male SingerGhulam AbbasInsayniatPunjabi1993
Best FilmUmer SharifMr. 420Urdu1992
Best DirectorUmer SharifMr. 420Urdu1992
Best Script WriterUmer SharifMr. 420Urdu1992
Best ScreenplayUmer SharifMr. 420Urdu1992
Best ActorUmer SharifMr. 420Urdu1992
Best ActressRuby NiaziMr. 420Urdu1992
Best Supporting ActorArshad MehmoodAaj Aur KalUrdu1992
Best Supporting ActressZoya ButtAaj Aur KalUrdu1992
Best MusicianKamal AhmedAaj Ka DaurUrdu1992
Best LyricistMasroor AnwarAaj Ka DaurUrdu1992
Best CinematographerM. AyubAaj Ka DaurUrdu1992
Best Playback Female SingerTarannum NazMr. 420Urdu1992
Best Playback Male SingerArshad MehmoodAaj Ka DaurUrdu1992
Best FilmChahatPunjabi1992
Best DirectorHasnainChahatPunjabi1992
Best Script WriterBashir NiazChahatPunjabi1992
Best ActorSultan RahiMajhooPunjabi1992
Best ActressAnjumanMajhooPunjabi1992
Best Supporting ActorHumayun QureshiMajhooPunjabi1992
Best Supporting ActressShahida MiniChahatPunjabi1992
Best MusicianM. AshrafMajhooPunjabi1992
Best LyricistKhawaja PervaizChahatPunjabi1992
Best Playback Female SingerNoor JehanMajhooPunjabi1992
Best FilmWatan Kay RakhwalayUrdu1991
Best DirectorHasnainWatan Kay RakhwalayUrdu1991
Best Script WriterPervaiz KalimWatan Kay RakhwalayUrdu1991
Best ScreenplayPervaiz KalimWatan Kay RakhwalayUrdu1991
Best ActorNadeemWatan Kay RakhwalayUrdu1991
Best ActressNadiraWatan Kay RakhwalayUrdu1991
Best Supporting ActorGhulam MohiuddinZidUrdu1991
Best Supporting ActressUrdu1991
Best MusicianKamal AhmedAandhiUrdu1991
Best LyricistHabib JalibWatan Kay RakhwalayUrdu1991
Best CinematographerBabar BilalWatan Kay RakhwalayUrdu1991
Best Playback Female SingerHumaira ChannaWatan Kay RakhwalayUrdu1991
Best Playback Male SingerUrdu1991
Best FilmBakhtawarPunjabi1991
Best DirectorIqbal KashmiriBakhtawarPunjabi1991
Best Script WriterTanveer KazmiBakhtawarPunjabi1991
Best ActorJaved SheikhKalay ChoorPunjabi1991
Best ActressNeeliBakhtawarPunjabi1991
Best Supporting ActorBadar MunirTeen Yake Teen ChakePunjabi1991
Best Supporting ActressSaimaBakhtawarPunjabi1991
Best MusicianM. AshrafChiragh BaliPunjabi1991
Best LyricistWaris LudhanviChiragh BaliPunjabi1991
Best Playback Female SingerNoor JehanChiragh BaliPunjabi1991
Best ComedianRangeelaTeen Yakke Teen ChakkePunjabi1991
Best FilmInsaniyat Kay DushmanUrdu1990
Best DirectorHasnainInsaniyat Kay DushmanUrdu1990
Best Script WriterAdeebInsaniyat Kay DushmanUrdu1990
Best ScreenplaySyed NoorBulandiUrdu1990
Best ActorJaved SheikhUstadon Ke UstadUrdu1990
Best ActressAnjumanInsaniyat Kay DushmanUrdu1990
Best Supporting ActorAfzal AhmedBulandiUrdu1990
Best Supporting ActressSamina PirzadaBulandiUrdu1990
Best MusicianKamal AhmedAasmanUrdu1990
Best LyricistMasroor AnwarBulandiUrdu1990
Best CinematographerSaleem ButInsaniyat Kay DushmanUrdu1990
Best Playback Female SingerMehnazBulandiUrdu1990
Best Playback Male SingerAkhlaq AhmedBulandiUrdu1990
Best FilmHoshyarPunjabi1990
Best DirectorHaider ChudharyHoshyarPunjabi1990
Best Script WriterHaider ChudharyHoshyarPunjabi1990
Best ActorNadeemGorian Dian JhangraPunjabi1990
Best ActressBabra SharifGorian Dian JhangraPunjabi1990
Best Supporting ActorHuyamoon QureshiHoshyarPunjabi1990
Best Supporting ActressMuniza SheikhSheer DilPunjabi1990
Best MusicianWajhat AttreGorian Dian JhangraPunjabi1990
Best LyricistWaris LudhanviGorian Dian JhangraPunjabi1990
Best ComedianAlbelaHoshyarPunjabi1990
Best FilmRafiq RizviShaaniUrdu1989
Best DirectorSaeed RizviShaaniUrdu1989
Best Script WriterRazia ButtMohabbat Ho To AisiUrdu1989
Best ScreenplayAgha NazirShaaniUrdu1989
Best ActorNadeemBarood Ki ChahoonUrdu1989
Best ActressKavitaBarood Ki ChahoonUrdu1989
Best Supporting ActorAsif KhanShaaniUrdu1989
Best Supporting ActressNeeloBarood Ki ChahoonUrdu1989
Best MusicianM. AshrafRoop Ki RaniUrdu1989
Best LyricistHakim NasirDushmano Ka DushmanUrdu1989
Best Playback Female SingerHumaira ChannaDushmano Ka DushmanUrdu1989
Best Playback Male SingerA. NayyarTaqat Ka ToofanUrdu1989
Best ComedianUmar SharifBarood Ki ChahoonUrdu1989
Best ComedianSaeed RizviShaaniUrdu1989
Best FilmMadam BawariPunjabi1989
Best DirectorNazarul IslamMadam BawariPunjabi1989
Best ActorSultan RahiKalkaPunjabi1989
Best Script WriterBashir NiazZakhmi AuratPunjabi1989
Best ActorJaved SheikhBaarishPunjabi1989
Best ActressNeeliMadam BawariPunjabi1989
Best MusicianZulfiqar AliTees Mar KhanPunjabi1989
Best FilmBazar-E-HusanUrdu1988
Best DirectorJaved FazilBazar-E-HusanUrdu1988
Best Script WriterPervaiz MalikGharibon Ka BaadshahUrdu1988
Best ScreenplayFiaz HashmiGharibon Ka BaadshahUrdu1988
Best ActorJaved SheikhGharibon Ka BaadshahUrdu1988
Best ActressSalma AghaBazar-E-HusanUrdu1988
Best Supporting ActorNaimat SarhadiMasoom GawahUrdu1988
Best MusicianM. AshrafBazar-E-HusanUrdu1988
Best LyricistAhmed RahiBazar-E-HusanUrdu1988
Best CinematographerM. AyubAag Hi AagUrdu1988
Best Playback Male SingerA. NayyarGaribon Ka BaadshahUrdu1988
Best ComedianAbid KashmiriBazar-E-HusanUrdu1988
Best FilmMukhraPunjabi1988
Best DirectorIqbal KashmiriMukhraPunjabi1988
Best Script WriterBashir NiazMukhraPunjabi1988
Best ActorNadeemMukhraPunjabi1988
Best ActressBabra SharifMukhraPunjabi1988
Best Supporting ActressSamina PeerzadaMukhraPunjabi1988
Best MusicianWajhat AttreMukhraPunjabi1988
Best Playback Female SingerMehnazMukhraPunjabi1988
Best FilmChoron Ki BaratUrdu1987
Best DirectorIqbal KashmiriChoron Ki BaratUrdu1987
Best Script WriterAmjad Islam AmjadChoron Ki BaratUrdu1987
Best ScreenplayAmjad Islam AmjadChoron Ki BaratUrdu1987
Best ActorNadeemChoron Ki BaratUrdu1987
Best ActressBabra SharifKundanUrdu1987
Best Supporting ActorAbid AliSonay Ki TalaashUrdu1987
Best Supporting ActressNeeliQasam Munney KiUrdu1987
Best MusicianKamal AhmedKundanUrdu1987
Best LyricistHabib JalibChoron Ki BaratUrdu1987
Best CinematographerJan MohammadManilla Ki BijlianUrdu1987
Best Playback Female SingerMehnazKundanUrdu1987
Best Playback Male SingerAkhlaq AhmedKundanUrdu1987
Best ComedianUmer SharifKundanUrdu1987
Best FilmDulariPunjabi1987
Best DirectorHaider ChudharyDulariPunjabi1987
Best Script WriterBashir NiazDulariPunjabi1987
Best ActorSultan RahiDulariPunjabi1987
Best ActressAnjumanDulariPunjabi1987
Best MusicianM. AshrafDulariPunjabi1987
Best FilmHum Ek HainUrdu1986
Best DirectorIqbal KashmiriHum Ek HainUrdu1986
Best Script WriterJaffar ArashHum Ek HainUrdu1986
Best ScreenplayBashir Niaz And S. SajidHum Ek HainUrdu1986
Best ActorNadeemFaislaUrdu1986
Best ActressBabra SharifMiss BangkokUrdu1986
Best Supporting ActorTalat HussainMiss BangkokUrdu1986
Best Supporting ActressArifa SiddiquiQatil Ki TalaashUrdu1986
Best MusicianNisar BazmiHum Ek HainUrdu1986
Best LyricistHabib JalibHum Ek HainUrdu1986
Best CinematographerSarwar GulFaislaUrdu1986
Best Playback Female SingerHumaira ChannaHum Ek HainUrdu1986
Best Playback Male SingerAkhlaq AhmedQatil Ki TalaashUrdu1986
Best EditorK.D. MirzaFaislaUrdu1986
Best Sound EditorM. SaeedFaislaUrdu1986
Best ComedianRangeelaBaghi QaidiUrdu1986
Best Foreign Male PerformerShivaHum Ek HainUrdu1986
Best Foreign Female PerformerSabitaRubyUrdu1986
Best FilmQismetPunjabi1986
Best DirectorHaider ChaudharyQismetPunjabi1986
Best Script WriterNasir AdeebYe AdamPunjabi1986
Best ActorAfzal AhmadYe AdamPunjabi1986
Best ActressAnjumanQismetPunjabi1986
Best MusicianM. AshrafQismetPunjabi1986
Best Art DirectorJamal SaifiQismetPunjabi1986
Best FilmNaraazUrdu1985
Best DirectorJaved FazilNaraazUrdu1985
Best Script WriterSaeed GilaniNaraazUrdu1985
Best ScreenplayHassan ImtesalJeenay Nahin Doon GiUrdu1985
Best ActorNadeemNaraazUrdu1985
Best ActressShabnamNaraazUrdu1985
Best Supporting ActorTalat HussainHum Se Hai ZamanaUrdu1985
Best Supporting ActressSamina AhmedNaraazUrdu1985
Best MusicianKamal AhmedJeenay Nahin Doon GiUrdu1985
Best LyricistKhwaja PervaizDirect HawaldarUrdu1985
Best CinematographerJan MohammadHong Kong Ke SholayUrdu1985
Best Playback Female SingerNahid AkhtarHum Se Hai ZamanaUrdu1985
Best Playback Male SingerA. NayyarJeenay Nahin Doon GiUrdu1985
Best EditorZulfiHong Kong Ke SholayUrdu1985
Best Art DirectorIslam ShahabiQismetUrdu1985
Best Sound EditorSohail NajmiHum Se Hai ZamanaUrdu1985
Best ComedianIrfan KhoosatHum Se Hai ZamanaUrdu1985
Special AwardSaqiFor 30 Years Of ExcellenceUrdu1985
Special AwardKaveetaJeenay Nahin Doon GiUrdu1985
Special AwardFaisalNarazUrdu1985
Best Foreign Male PerformerShivaHum Se Hai ZamanaUrdu1985
Best Foreign Female PerformerRozinaHum Se Hai ZamanaUrdu1985
Best FilmDhee RaniPunjabi1985
Best DirectorAltaf HussainDhee RaniPunjabi1985
Best Script WriterBashir NiazDhee RaniPunjabi1985
Best ActorGhulam MohiuddinWaderaPunjabi1985
Best ActressMumtazDhee RaniPunjabi1985
Best Supporting ActorTalishDhee RaniPunjabi1985
Best Supporting ActressArifa SiddiqiKismatPunjabi1985
Best MusicianM. AshrafDhee RaniPunjabi1985
Best FilmDoorianUrdu1984
Best DirectorHassan AskariDoorianUrdu1984
Best Script WriterBashir NiazDoorianUrdu1984
Best ScreenplayAli AfaqiKamyabiUrdu1984
Best ActorNadeemLazawalUrdu1984
Best ActressBabra SharifMiss ColomboUrdu1984
Best Supporting ActorGhulam MohiuddinLazawalUrdu1984
Best Supporting ActressSangeetaNaam Mera BadnaamUrdu1984
Best MusicianRobin GhoshDoorianUrdu1984
Best LyricistMasroor AnwarBobbyUrdu1984
Best CinematographerKamran MirzaMiss ColomboUrdu1984
Best Playback Female SingerNayyara NoorDoorianUrdu1984
Best Playback Male SingerAkhlaq AhmedDoorianUrdu1984
Best EditorK.D. MirzaMiss ColomboUrdu1984
Best Art DirectorHaji MohiuddinDoorianUrdu1984
Best Sound EditorM. ZafarLazawalUrdu1984
Best ComedianRangeelaMiss ColomboUrdu1984
Special AwardAslam PervaizMiss ColomboUrdu1984
Special AwardMohammad AliDoorian And BobbyUrdu1984
Best FilmIshaq Nachaway Gali GaliPunjabi1984
Best DirectorAslam DaarIshaq Nachaway Gali GaliPunjabi1984
Best Script WriterSaeed SahliIshaq Nachaway Gali GaliPunjabi1984
Best ActorAyazIshaq Nachaway Gali GaliPunjabi1984
Best ActressDurdana RehmanIshaq Nachaway Gali GaliPunjabi1984
Best MusicianKamal AhmedIshaq Nachaway Gali GaliPunjabi1984
Best FilmDehleezUrdu1983
Best DirectorJaved FazilDehleezUrdu1983
Best Script WriterSyed NoorDehleezUrdu1983
Best ScreenplayA.S. AfaqiKabhi Alvida Na KehnaUrdu1983
Best ActorNadeemDehleezUrdu1983
Best ActressShabnamKabhi Alvida Na KehnaUrdu1983
Best Supporting ActorTalat HussainGumnaamUrdu1983
Best Supporting ActressBazghaTinaUrdu1983
Best MusicianAmjad BobbyKabhi Alvida Na KehnaUrdu1983
Best LyricistSaeed GilaniKabhi Alvida Na KehnaUrdu1983
Best CinematographerPervaiz KhanDehleezUrdu1983
Best Playback Female SingerMehnazKabhi Alvida Na KehnaUrdu1983
Best Playback Male SingerAkhlaq AhmedNadaaniUrdu1983
Best EditorAsgharDehleezUrdu1983
Best Art DirectorHaji MohiuddinDehleezUrdu1983
Best Sound EditorM. ZafarLove StoryUrdu1983
Best ComedianNannaLove StoryUrdu1983
Special AwardMaster ShahbazKabhi Alvida Na KehnaUrdu1983
Best FilmSona ChandiPunjabi1983
Best DirectorRangeelaSona ChandiPunjabi1983
Best Script WriterRangeelaSona ChandiPunjabi1983
Best ActorMustafa QureshiRustam Te KhanPunjabi1983
Best ActressRaniSona ChandiPunjabi1983
Best MusicianWajahat AttreSaab JiPunjabi1983
Best Female Playback SingerNoor JehanSona ChandiPunjabi1983
Special AwardSangeetaSona ChandiPunjabi1983
Best FilmSangdilUrdu1982
Best DirectorHassan TariqSangdilUrdu1982
Best Script WriterSyed NoorSangdilUrdu1982
Best ScreenplayA.S. AfaqiMeharbaniUrdu1982
Best ActorNadeemSangdilUrdu1982
Best ActressBabra SharifSangdilUrdu1982
Best Supporting ActorS. HashmiNaseebUrdu1982
Best Supporting ActressSabiha KhanumSangdilUrdu1982
Best MusicianNisar BazmiBiwi Ho To AisiUrdu1982
Best LyricistMasroor AnwarBiwi Ho To AisiUrdu1982
Best CinematographerKamran MirzaSangdilUrdu1982
Best Playback Female SingerMehnazBiwi Ho To AisiUrdu1982
Best Playback Male SingerAkhlaq AhmedMeharbaniUrdu1982
Best EditorAsgharSangdilUrdu1982
Best Art DirectorIslam ShahabiSangdilUrdu1982
Best Sound EditorM. ZafarSangdilUrdu1982
Best ComedianLehriBiwi Ho To AisiUrdu1982
Special AwardRangeelaNauker Te MalikUrdu1982
Special AwardAsha PosleyFor 30 Years Of ExcellenceUrdu1982
Special AwardMeena ShooreyFor 30 Years Of ExcellenceUrdu1982
Special AwardNazirFor 30 Years Of ExcellenceUrdu1982
Special AwardAzadFor 30 Years Of ExcellenceUrdu1982
Best FilmNaukar Te MaalikPunjabi1982
Best DirectorHasnainNaukar Te MaalikPunjabi1982
Best Script WriterBashir NiazNaukar Te MaalikPunjabi1982
Best ActorAli EjazNaukar Te MaalikPunjabi1982
Best ActressAnjumanDo Bigha ZameenPunjabi1982
Best MusicianWajahat AttreDo Bigha ZameenPunjabi1982
Best FilmQurbaniUrdu1981
Best DirectorPervaiz MalikQurbaniUrdu1981
Best Script WriterT. JamilKiran Aur KaliUrdu1981
Best ScreenplayAmjad IslamQurbaniUrdu1981
Best ActorNadeemQurbaniUrdu1981
Best ActressShabnamQurbaniUrdu1981
Best Supporting ActorFaisal RehmanYeh Zamana Aur HaiUrdu1981
Best Supporting ActressShaista QaisarKiran Aur KaliUrdu1981
Best MusicianM. AshrafQurbaniUrdu1981
Best LyricistMasroor AnwarQurbaniUrdu1981
Best CinematographerRiaz BukhariQurbaniUrdu1981
Best Playback Female SingerMehnazQurbaniUrdu1981
Best Playback Male SingerGhulam AbbasQurbaniUrdu1981
Best EditorAkbar AliKaala Dhanda Goray LogUrdu1981
Best Art DirectorIslam ShahabiManzilUrdu1981
Best Sound EditorM. HussainKiran Aur KaliUrdu1981
Best ComedianJamil FakhriYeh Zamana Aur HaiUrdu1981
Special AwardMaster KhurramQurbaniUrdu1981
Special AwardNoor JahanFor 30 Years Of ExcellenceUrdu1981
Special AwardSabiha KhanumFor 30 Years Of ExcellenceUrdu1981
Special AwardShabab KiranviFor 30 Years Of ExcellenceUrdu1981
Special AwardAnwar Kamal PashaFor 30 Years Of ExcellenceUrdu1981
Special AwardSudhirFor 30 Years Of ExcellenceUrdu1981
Special AwardAslam PervaizFor 30 Years Of ExcellenceUrdu1981
Best FilmSher KhanPunjabi1981
Best DirectorYunus MalikSher KhanPunjabi1981
Best Script WriterNasir AdeebChan VeryamPunjabi1981
Best ActorMustafa QureshiSher KhanPunjabi1981
Best ActressAnjumanSher KhanPunjabi1981
Best MusicianWajahat AttreSher KhanPunjabi1981
Best Female Playback SingerNoor JehanSher KhanPunjabi1981
Best FilmSaimaUrdu1980
Best DirectorJaved FazilSaimaUrdu1980
Best Script WriterNazir AjmeriSaimaUrdu1980
Best ScreenplaySyed NoorSaimaUrdu1980
Best ActorNadeemSaimaUrdu1980
Best ActressShabnamHum DonoUrdu1980
Best Supporting ActorAllauddinBandishUrdu1980
Best Supporting ActressBazghaSaimaUrdu1980
Best MusicianRobin GhoshBandishUrdu1980
Best LyricistTasleem FazliBandishUrdu1980
Best CinematographerKamran MirzaBandishUrdu1980
Best Playback Female SingerMehnazBandishUrdu1980
Best Playback Male SingerAkhlaq AhmedBandishUrdu1980
Best EditorK.D. MirzaBandishUrdu1980
Best Art DirectorHaji MohiuddinZameerUrdu1980
Best Sound EditorS. Afzal HussainSaimaUrdu1980
Best ComedianLehriSaimaUrdu1980
Special AwardDiana KristinaBandishUrdu1980
Special AwardFaisal RehmanNahin Abhi NahinUrdu1980
Best FilmSohra Ta JavaiPunjabi1980
Best DirectorHaider ChaudhurySohra Ta JavaiPunjabi1980
Best Script WriterSyed NoorSohra Ta JavaiPunjabi1980
Best Female Playback SingerNoor JehanSohra Ta JavaiPunjabi1980
Best ActorAli EjazSohra Ta JavaiPunjabi1980
Best ActressMumtazSohra Ta JavaiPunjabi1980
Best MusicianWajahat AttreDo ToofanPunjabi1980
Best FilmKhaak Aur KhoonUrdu1979
Best DirectorMasood PervaizKhaak Aur KhoonUrdu1979
Best Script WriterNaseem HijaziKhaak Aur KhoonUrdu1979
Best ScreenplayNaseem HijaziKhaak Aur KhoonUrdu1979
Best ActorNadeemPakeezaUrdu1979
Best ActressShabnamPakeezaUrdu1979
Best Supporting ActorMustafa QureshiLal AandhiUrdu1979
Best Supporting ActressAasiaAagUrdu1979
Best MusicianNisar BazmiKhaak Aur KhoonUrdu1979
Best LyricistQateel ShifaiAagUrdu1979
Best CinematographerMasood-Ur-RehmanKhaak Aur KhoonUrdu1979
Best Playback Female SingerMehnaz BegumKhushbooUrdu1979
Best Playback Male SingerA. NayyarAagUrdu1979
Best EditorAliKhaak Aur KhoonUrdu1979
Best Art DirectorHaji MohiuddinKhaak Aur KhoonUrdu1979
Best Sound EditorM. SaeedMiss Hong KongUrdu1979
Best ComedianLehriNaya AndaazUrdu1979
Special AwardAsharAagUrdu1979
Special AwardNazir ChanMiss Hong KongUrdu1979
Best FilmDubai ChaloPunjabi1979
Best DirectorHaider ChaudhuryDubai ChaloPunjabi1979
Best Script WriterRiaz BatelviDubai ChaloPunjabi1979
Best Female Playback SingerNoor JehanDubai ChaloPunjabi1979
Best ActorAli EjazDubai ChaloPunjabi1979
Best ActressMumtazNizam DakuPunjabi1979
Best MusicianUstad TafuDubai ChaloPunjabi1979
Best FilmMutthi Bhar ChawalUrdu1978
Best DirectorSangeetaMutthi Bhar ChawalUrdu1978
Best Script WriterRiaz ShahidHaider AliUrdu1978
Best ScreenplayBashir NiazAmberUrdu1978
Best ActorMohammad AliHaider AliUrdu1978
Best ActressSangeetaMutthi Bhar ChawalUrdu1978
Best Supporting ActorQavi KhanParakhUrdu1978
Best Supporting ActressNadiaPlayboyUrdu1978
Best MusicianRobin GhoshAmberUrdu1978
Best LyricistKaleem UsmaniZindagiUrdu1978
Best CinematographerKamran MirzaPlayboyUrdu1978
Best Playback Female SingerMehnazPlayboyUrdu1978
Best Playback Male SingerGhulam AbbasMaazi Haal MustaqbilUrdu1978
Best EditorZ.A. ZulfiMutthi Bhar ChawalUrdu1978
Best Art DirectorHabib ShahHaider AliUrdu1978
Best Sound EditorGulzar AliAwazUrdu1978
Best ComedianNanhaPlayboyUrdu1978
Special AwardMumtazHaider AliUrdu1978
Special AwardGhulam MohiuddinMutthi Bhar ChawalUrdu1978
Best FilmSholaPunjabi1978
Best DirectorRehmat AliSholaPunjabi1978
Best Script WriterK. QadriIlm Deen ShaheedPunjabi1978
Best ActorAsif KhanSholaPunjabi1978
Best ActressNajmaSholaPunjabi1978
Best MusicianAkbar Amar AnthonyWajahat AttrePunjabi1978
AwardAwardeeFor The FilmUrdu1977
Best FilmA.R. ShamsiAainaUrdu1977
Best DirectorNazrul IslamAainaUrdu1977
Best Script WriterSalma KanwalMehmaanUrdu1977
Best ScreenplayBashir NiazAainaUrdu1977
Best ActorNadeemAainaUrdu1977
Best ActressShabnamAainaUrdu1977
Best Supporting ActorRehanAainaUrdu1977
Best Supporting ActressTamannaBharosaUrdu1977
Best MusicianRobin GhoshAainaUrdu1977
Best LyricistTasleem FazliAainaUrdu1977
Best CinematographerAfzal ChaudharyAainaUrdu1977
Best Playback Female SingerMehnaz BegumSalakheinUrdu1977
Best Playback Male SingerMehdi HassanAainaUrdu1977
Best EditorA. SaeedMehmaanUrdu1977
Best Art DirectorIslamBharosaUrdu1977
Best Sound EditorSohail NajmiMehmaanUrdu1977
Best ComedianNanhaBharosaUrdu1977
Special AwardAlamgirAainaUrdu1977
Special AwardShahzeb (Child Star)AainaUrdu1977
Best FilmAaj Diyan KurrianPunjabi1977
Best DirectorWaheed DarJabrooPunjabi1977
Best Script WriterS. DarJabrooPunjabi1977
Best ActorYousuf KhanJabrooPunjabi1977
Best ActressAasiaQanoonPunjabi1977
Best MusicianWajahat AttreAaj Diyan KurrianPunjabi1977
Best FilmAaj Aur KalUrdu1976
Best DirectorS. SulemanAaj Aur KalUrdu1976
Best Script WriterNazir AjmeriAaj Aur KalUrdu1976
Best ScreenplayBashir NiazAaj Aur KalUrdu1976
Best ActorShahidShabanaUrdu1976
Best ActressBabra SharifShabanaUrdu1976
Best Supporting ActorQavi KhanAaj Aur KalUrdu1976
Best Supporting ActressKaveetaSociety GirlUrdu1976
Best MusicianM AshrafShabanaUrdu1976
Best LyricistTasleem FazliShabanaUrdu1976
Best CinematographerM. HussainAndaataUrdu1976
Best Playback Female SingerNoor JahanAaj Aur KalUrdu1976
Best Playback Male SingerMehdi HassanShabanaUrdu1976
Best EditorA. SaeedSociety GirlUrdu1976
Best Art DirectorIslam ShahabiWaqtUrdu1976
Best Sound EditorA.Z. BaigAaj Aur KalUrdu1976
Best ComedianLehriAaj Aur KalUrdu1976
Special AwardRoohi BanoInsaan Aur FarishtaUrdu1976
Special AwardSangeetaSociety GirlUrdu1976
Best FilmToofanPunjabi1976
Best DirectorHassan AskariToofanPunjabi1976
Best Script WriterNasir AdeebToofanPunjabi1976
Best ActorKamalJat Kurian Taun DardaPunjabi1976
Best ActressNeeloJat Kurian Taun DardaPunjabi1976
Best MusicianWajahat AttreJat Kurian Taun DardaPunjabi1976
Best FilmMera Naam Hai MohabaatUrdu1975
Best DirectorShabab KiranviMera Naam Hai MohabbatUrdu1975
Best Script WriterShabab KiranviMera Naam Hai MohabbatUrdu1975
Best ScreenplayAgha ImtesalEk Gunah Aur SahiUrdu1975
Best ActorNadeemAnariUrdu1975
Best ActressShabnamZeenatUrdu1975
Best Supporting ActorTalishZeenatUrdu1975
Best Supporting ActressKaveetaTere Meray SapneyUrdu1975
Best MusicianM AshrafMera Naam Hai MohabbatUrdu1975
Best LyricistMasroor AnwarPehchaanUrdu1975
Best CinematographerBabar BilalEk Gunah Aur SahiUrdu1975
Best Playback Female SingerNaheed AkhtarPehchaanUrdu1975
Best Playback Male SingerMehdi HassanZeenatUrdu1975
Best EditorJaved TahirMera Naam Hai MohabbatUrdu1975
Best Art DirectorIslam ShahabiEk Gunah Aur SahiUrdu1975
Best Sound EditorA.Z. BaigZeenatUrdu1975
Best ComedianMunawar ZarifZeenatUrdu1975
Special AwardSabiha KhanumEk Gunah Aur SahiUrdu1975
Special AwardBabra SharifMera Naam Hai MohabbatUrdu1975
Special AwardGhulam MohiuddinMera Naam Hai MohabbatUrdu1975
Best FilmWahshee JatPunjabi1975
Best DirectorHasan AskariWahshee JatPunjabi1975
Best Script WriterAhmad Nadeem QasmiWahshee JatPunjabi1975
Best ActorSultan RahiWahshee JatPunjabi1975
Best ActressMumtazJadooPunjabi1975
Best CinematographerIrshad AhmedWahshee JatPunjabi1975
Best MusicianMaster Inayat HussainWahshee JatPunjabi1975
Best FilmBahishtUrdu1974
Best DirectorNazrul IslamSharafatUrdu1974
Best Script WriterRiaz ShahidBahishtUrdu1974
Best ScreenplayRiaz ShahidBahishtUrdu1974
Best ActorMohammad AliAaina Aur SooratUrdu1974
Best ActressShabnumDillagiUrdu1974
Best Supporting ActorShahidDeedarUrdu1974
Best Supporting ActressNayyar SultanaBahishtUrdu1974
Best MusicianRobin GhoshChahatUrdu1974
Best LyricistAkhtar YousufChahatUrdu1974
Best CinematographerAfzal ChaudharySharafatUrdu1974
Best Playback Female SingerNaheed AkhtarShamaUrdu1974
Best Playback Male SingerMehdi HassanSharafatUrdu1974
Best EditorIrshad DurraniSharafatUrdu1974
Best Art DirectorIslam ShahabiDeedarUrdu1974
Best Sound EditorWajid AliDillagiUrdu1974
Best ComedianLehriDillagiUrdu1974
Special AwardAkhlaq AhmedChahatUrdu1974
Best FilmNaukar Wohti DaPunjabi1974
Best DirectorHaider ChudharyNaukar Wohti DaPunjabi1974
Best Script WriterSheikh IqbalNaukar Wohti DaPunjabi1974
Best ActorSudhirLotteryPunjabi1974
Best ActressNeeloKhatarnaakPunjabi1974
Best CinematographerMasood-Ul-RahmanKhatarnaakPunjabi1974
Best MusicianWajahat AttreNaukar Wohti DaPunjabi1974
Best FilmAasUrdu1973
Best DirectorAli Sufian AfaqiAasUrdu1973
Best Script WriterAli Sufian AfaqiAasUrdu1973
Best ScreenplayAli Sufian AfaqiAasUrdu1973
Best ActorMohammad AliAasUrdu1973
Best ActressShabnumAnmolUrdu1973
Best Supporting ActorMunawwar SaeedAnmolUrdu1973
Best Supporting ActressSofia BanoPardey Mein Rehney DoUrdu1973
Best MusicianM AshrafGharanaUrdu1973
Best LyricistS. RizviGharanaUrdu1973
Best CinematographerGhazanfar BukhariAasUrdu1973
Best Playback Female SingerNayyara NoorGharanaUrdu1973
Best Playback Male SingerMehdi HassanNaya RastaUrdu1973
Best EditorAliDaaman Aur ChingariUrdu1973
Best Art DirectorIslam ShahabiAasUrdu1973
Best Sound EditorMubarak AliAasUrdu1973
Best ComedianRangeelaInsaan Aur GadhaUrdu1973
Best FilmZiddiPunjabi1973
Best DirectorIqbal KashmiriZiddiPunjabi1973
Best Script WriterHazeen QadriZiddiPunjabi1973
Best ActorYousuf KhanZiddiPunjabi1973
Best ActressFirdousZiddiPunjabi1973
Best CinematographerSarwar GulJeera BladePunjabi1973
Best Female Playback SingerNoor JehanZiddiPunjabi1973
Best MusicianMaster AbdullahZiddiPunjabi1973
Best FilmBasheeraPunjabi1972
Best DirectorAslam DarBasheeraPunjabi1972
Best Script WriterAziz BhattiBasheeraPunjabi1972
Best ActorSultan RahiBasheeraPunjabi1972
Best ActressAaliaZulm Da BadlaPunjabi1972
Best CinematographerJaved MalikEk RaatPunjabi1972
Best Female Playback SingerNoor JehanSultanPunjabi1972
Best MusicianNazir AliSultanPunjabi1972
Best FilmM. SadiqBaharo Phool BarsaoUrdu1972
Best DirectorNazrul IslamEhsasUrdu1972
Best Script WriterM. SadiqBaharo Phool BarsaoUrdu1972
Best ScreenplayBashir NiazEhsasUrdu1972
Best ActorNadeemEhsasUrdu1972
Best ActressZebaMohabbatUrdu1972
Best Supporting ActorTalishAngareyUrdu1972
Best Supporting ActressHusnaSubaqUrdu1972
Best MusicianNisar BazmiMeri Zindagi Hai NagmaUrdu1972
Best LyricistS. RizviBharo Phool BarsaoUrdu1972
Best CinematographerSohail HashmiMere HumsafarUrdu1972
Best Playback Female SingerTahira SyedMohabbatUrdu1972
Best Playback Male SingerMehdi HassanMeri Zindagi Hai NagmaUrdu1972
Best EditorHasnainMere HumsafarUrdu1972
Best Art DirectorIslam ShahabiSabaqUrdu1972
Best Sound EditorA.Z. BaigSabaqUrdu1972
Best ComedianMunawar ZarifBharo Phool BarsaoUrdu1972
Special AwardRangeelaMeri Zindagi Hai NagmaUrdu1972
Best FilmDostiUrdu1971
Best DirectorSharif NayyarDostiUrdu1971
Best Script WriterRiaz AhmedAnsuUrdu1971
Best ScreenplayRiaz ShahidYeh AmanUrdu1971
Best ActorMohammad AliWehshiUrdu1971
Best ActressShabnamDostiUrdu1971
Best Supporting ActorMasood AkhtarTeri Soorat Meri AankheinUrdu1971
Best Supporting ActressSangeetaYeh AmanUrdu1971
Best MusicianA. HameedDostiUrdu1971
Best LyricistTanveer NaqviDostiUrdu1971
Best CinematographerM. FazilDostiUrdu1971
Best Playback Female SingerNoor JahanDostiUrdu1971
Best Playback Male SingerMasood RanaAnsuUrdu1971
Best EditorArshad DurraniDostiUrdu1971
Best Art DirectorHabib ShahYeh AmanUrdu1971
Best Sound EditorA.Z. BaigYeh AmanUrdu1971
Best ComedianRangeelaDil Aur DuniyaUrdu1971
Special AwardFirdousAnsuUrdu1971
Best FilmBabulPunjabi1971
Best DirectorIqbal KashmiriBabulPunjabi1971
Best Script WriterGhazanfar AliBabulPunjabi1971
Best ActorWaheed MuradMastana MahiPunjabi1971
Best ActressRaniBabulPunjabi1971
Best CinematographerAli KhanDil Aur DuniyaPunjabi1971
Best MusicianNazir AliMastana MahiPunjabi1971
Special AwardAaliaMastana MahiPunjabi1971
Special AwardSultan RahiBabulPunjabi1971
Special AwardMunawar ZarifIshq DeewanaPunjabi1971
Best FilmSafdar MasoodAnjumanUrdu1970
Best DirectorHassan TariqAnjumanUrdu1970
Best Script WriterRangeelaRangeelaUrdu1970
Best ScreenplayMasroor AnwarUrdu1970
Best ActorMohammad AliInsaan Aur AadmiUrdu1970
Best ActressZebaInsaan Aur AadmiUrdu1970
Best Supporting ActorAslam PervaizInsaan Aur AadmiUrdu1970
Best Supporting ActressSaiqaRangeelaUrdu1970
Best MusicianNisar BazmiAnjumanUrdu1970
Best LyricistMasroor AnwarAnjumanUrdu1970
Best CinematographerSohail HashmiHoneymoonUrdu1970
Best Playback Female SingerRuna LailaAnjumanUrdu1970
Best Playback Male SingerAhmed RushdiNaseeb Apna ApnaUrdu1970
Best EditorAlhamidAnjumanUrdu1970
Best Art DirectorHabib ShahAnjumanUrdu1970
Best Sound EditorAkhtar GilaniInsaan Aur AadmiUrdu1970
Best ComedianLehriAnjumanUrdu1970
Special AwardHabib Wali MohammadFor Singing  Aashian Jal GyaUrdu1970
Best FilmHeer RanjhaPunjabi1970
Best DirectorMasood ParvezHeer RanjhaPunjabi1970
Best Script WriterTanvir KazmiMaa PuttarPunjabi1970
Best ActorSudhirMaa PuttarPunjabi1970
Best ActressFirdousHeer RanjhaPunjabi1970
Best Female Playback SingerNoor JehanHeer RanjhaPunjabi1970
Best MusicianKhwaja Khurshid AnwarHeer RanjhaPunjabi1970
Special AwardAjmalHeer RanjhaPunjabi1970
Special AwardDeebaSajna Door DiyaPunjabi1970
Best FilmZerqaUrdu1969
Best DirectorRiaz ShahidZerqaUrdu1969
Best Script WriterRiaz ShahidZerqaUrdu1969
Best ScreenplayAli Sufyan AfaaqiAndaleebUrdu1969
Best ActorWaheed MuradAndaleebUrdu1969
Best ActressNeeloZerqaUrdu1969
Best Supporting ActorQavi KhanBahu RaniUrdu1969
Best Supporting ActressAaliyaNai Laila Naya MajnuUrdu1969
Best MusicianNashadSalgirahUrdu1969
Best LyricistHabib JalibZerqaUrdu1969
Best CinematographerAfzal ChowdharyPyasaUrdu1969
Best Playback Female SingerNoor JahanSalgirahUrdu1969
Best Playback Male SingerMehdi HassanZerqaUrdu1969
Best EditorAliZerqaUrdu1969
Best Art DirectorHabib ShahZerqaUrdu1969
Best Sound EditorA.Z. BaigAndaleebUrdu1969
Best ComedianLehriNai Laila Naya MajnuUrdu1969
Special AwardShabnamAndaleebUrdu1969
Special AwardA. J. KardarQasam Us Waqt KiUrdu1969
Best FilmSaiqaUrdu1968
Best DirectorHassan TariqBehan BhaiUrdu1968
Best Script WriterRazia ButtSaiqaUrdu1968
Best ScreenplayMasroor AnwarSaiqaUrdu1968
Best ActorMohammad AliSaiqaUrdu1968
Best ActressShamim AraSaiqaUrdu1968
Best Supporting ActorAllauddinDil Liya Dard DiyaUrdu1968
Best Supporting ActressRozinaIsharaUrdu1968
Best MusicianNisar BazmiSaiqaUrdu1968
Best LyricistMasroor AnwarSaiqaUrdu1968
Best CinematographerMasood-Ul-RehmanTaj MahalUrdu1968
Best Playback Female SingerRuna LailaCommanderUrdu1968
Best Playback Male SingerMehdi HassanSaiqaUrdu1968
Best EditorUrdu1968
Best Art DirectorHaji MohiuddinTaj MahalUrdu1968
Best Sound EditorTaj MalikIshqUrdu1968
Best ComedianLehriSaiqaUrdu1968
Special AwardKamalBehan BhaiUrdu1968
Special AwardRaniMera Ghar Meri JannatUrdu1968
Special AwardBabu JugnuMera Ghar Meri JannatUrdu1968
Best FilmChan MakhnaPunjabi1968
Best FilmMustafizChakoriUrdu1967
Best DirectorEhtishamChakoriUrdu1967
Best Script WriterAta-Ur-Rehman KhanChakoriUrdu1967
Best ScreenplayNaqi MustafaNawab Siraj-Ud-DaulahUrdu1967
Best ActorNadeemChakoriUrdu1967
Best ActressShamim AraLakhon Mein EkUrdu1967
Best Supporting ActorSaaqiLakhon Mein EkUrdu1967
Best Supporting ActressTarannumAagUrdu1967
Best MusicianRobin GhoshChakoriUrdu1967
Best LyricistFayyaz HashmiLakhon Mein EkUrdu1967
Best CinematographerKamran MirzaLakhon Mein EkUrdu1967
Best Playback Female SingerNoor JahanLakhon Mein EkUrdu1967
Best Playback Male SingerMujeeb AalamChakoriUrdu1967
Best EditorKhudadad MirzaAagUrdu1967
Best Art DirectorHaji MohiuddinAagUrdu1967
Best Sound EditorAfzal HussainLakhon Mein EkUrdu1967
Best ComedianLehriMein Woh NahinUrdu1967
Special AwardSabiha KhanumDevar BhabiUrdu1967
Special AwardAnwar HossainNawab Siraj-Ud-DaulahUrdu1967
Best FilmDil Da JaaniPunjabi1967
Best FilmWaheed MuradArmaanUrdu1966
Best DirectorPervez MalikArmanUrdu1966
Best Script WriterSaadat Hassan MantoBadnaamUrdu1966
Best ScreenplayAhmad Nadeem QasmiLoriUrdu1966
Best ActorMohammad AliAag Ka DaryaUrdu1966
Best ActressZebaArmaanUrdu1966
Best Supporting ActorShaukat AkbarBhayyaUrdu1966
Best Supporting ActressNabilaBadnaamUrdu1966
Best MusicianSohail RanaArmaanUrdu1966
Best LyricistJosh MalihabadiAag Ka DaryaUrdu1966
Best CinematographerRaza MirAag Ka DaryaUrdu1966
Best Playback Female SingerNoor JahanAag Ka DaryaUrdu1966
Best Playback Male SingerAhmed RushdiArmaanUrdu1966
Best EditorMaqsood HussainJaag Utha InsaanUrdu1966
Best Art DirectorM. RamzanAainaUrdu1966
Best Sound EditorHassan ZiaLoriUrdu1966
Best ComedianNiralaArmaanUrdu1966
Special AwardSohail HashmiJaan PehchaanUrdu1966
Special AwardMaster RufiLoriUrdu1966
Special AwardAllauddinBadnaamUrdu1966
Best FilmNailaUrdu1965
Best DirectorSharif NayyarNailaUrdu1965
Best Script WriterHajra MasroorAakhri StationUrdu1965
Best ScreenplayAli Sufiyan AfaqiKaneezUrdu1965
Best ActorMohammad AliKaneezUrdu1965
Best ActressShamim AraNailaUrdu1965
Best Supporting ActorTalishKaneezUrdu1965
Best Supporting ActressShabnamAkhri StationUrdu1965
Best MusicianMaster InayatNailaUrdu1965
Best LyricistQateel ShifaiNailaUrdu1965
Best CinematographerNabi AhmedNailaUrdu1965
Best Playback Female SingerMalaNailaUrdu1965
Best Playback Male SingerMasood RanaMujahidUrdu1965
Best EditorAsgharKaneezUrdu1965
Best Art DirectorS.M. KhwajaNailaUrdu1965
Best Sound EditorHashim QureshiEid MubarakUrdu1965
Best ComedianLehriKaneezUrdu1965
Special AwardNoor Jahan(For War-Time Songs)Urdu1965
Best FilmTajamul Hasan RizviKhamosh RahoUrdu1964
Best DirectorS.M. YousufAashianaUrdu1964
Best Script WriterRiaz ShahidKhamosh RahoUrdu1964
Best ScreenplayRiaz ShahidFarangiUrdu1964
Best ActorWaheed MuradHeera Aur PatharUrdu1964
Best ActressShamim AraFarangiUrdu1964
Best Supporting ActorMohammad AliKhamosh RahoUrdu1964
Best Supporting ActressSumeetaSangamUrdu1964
Best MusicianNashadMaikhanaUrdu1964
Best LyricistFaiz Ahmad FaizFarangiUrdu1964
Best CinematographerBabar BilalAashianaUrdu1964
Best Playback Female SingerNaseem BegumLuteraUrdu1964
Best Playback Male SingerMehdi HassanFarangiUrdu1964
Best EditorM. Aqeel KhanHeera Aur PatharUrdu1964
Best Art DirectorHaji MohiuddinMaikhanaUrdu1964
Best Sound EditorYousuf AmeenKhamosh RahoUrdu1964
Best ComedianLehriPaighamUrdu1964
Best FilmBajiUrdu1963
Best DirectorQadeer GhoriDamanUrdu1963
Best Script WriterAnwar BatalviBajiUrdu1963
Best ScreenplayRiaz ShahidShikwaUrdu1963
Best ActorSantosh KumarDamanUrdu1963
Best ActressSabiha KhanumShikwaUrdu1963
Best Supporting ActorAllauddinShikwaUrdu1963
Best Supporting ActressNeeloDamanUrdu1963
Best MusicianRobin GhoshTalashUrdu1963
Best LyricistHimayat Ali ShairDamanUrdu1963
Best CinematographerRaza MirSeemaUrdu1963
Best Playback Female SingerNaseem BegumBajiUrdu1963
Best Playback Male SingerSaleem RazaSeemaUrdu1963
Best EditorHaider ChaudhryBajiUrdu1963
Best Art DirectorHaji MohiuddinFaanoosUrdu1963
Best Sound EditorTaj MalikBajiUrdu1963
Best ComedianLehriDamanUrdu1963
Best FilmChandaUrdu1962
Best DirectorS.M. YousufAuladUrdu1962
Best Script WriterF. Kareem FazliChiragh Jalta RahaUrdu1962
Best ScreenplayIbrahim JaleesAanchalUrdu1962
Best ActorSantosh KumarGhunghatUrdu1962
Best ActressNayyar SultanaAuladUrdu1962
Best Supporting ActorTalishAanchalUrdu1962
Best Supporting ActressShabnamChandaUrdu1962
Best MusicianKhwaja Khurshid AnwarGhunghatUrdu1962
Best LyricistHimayat Ali ShairAanchalUrdu1962
Best CinematographerNabi AhmedGhunghatUrdu1962
Best Playback Female SingerMalaIshq Par Zor NahinUrdu1962
Best Playback Male SingerAhmed RushdiMehtaabUrdu1962
Best EditorAliGhunghatUrdu1962
Best Sound EditorC. MondodyMehtaabUrdu1962
Best ComedianSubhash DuttaChandaUrdu1962
Best FilmShaheedUrdu1961
Best DirectorKhalil QaiserShaheedUrdu1961
Best Script WriterRiaz ShahidShaheedUrdu1961
Best ScreenplayRiaz ShahidShaheedUrdu1961
Best ActorHabibSurayyaUrdu1961
Best ActressMusarrat NazirShaheedUrdu1961
Best Supporting ActorTalishShaheedUrdu1961
Best Supporting ActressBano BegumGhalibUrdu1961
Best MusicianRasheed AttreShaheedUrdu1961
Best LyricistFaiz Ahmed FaizShaheedUrdu1961
Best CinematographerRiaz BukhariZamana Kya Kahe GaUrdu1961
Best Playback Female SingerNaseem BegumShaheedUrdu1961
Best Playback Male SingerAhmed RushdiSaperanUrdu1961
Best EditorM. AkramGulfaamUrdu1961
Best Sound EditorZafar KhawajaZamana Kya Kahe GaUrdu1961
Best FilmSaheliUrdu1960
Best DirectorS.M. YousufSaheliUrdu1960
Best Script WriterAnwar Kamal PashaWatanUrdu1960
Best ScreenplayNazeer AjmeriSaheliUrdu1960
Best ActorDarpanSaheliUrdu1960
Best ActressNayyar SultanaSaheliUrdu1960
Best Supporting ActorAllauddinSaheliUrdu1960
Best Supporting ActressShamim AraSaheliUrdu1960
Best MusicianMuslehuddinHumsafarUrdu1960
Best LyricistTanvir NaqviShaam DhaleUrdu1960
Best CinematographerNabi AhmedAyazUrdu1960
Best Playback Female SingerNaseem BegumShaam DhaleUrdu1960
Best Playback Male SingerSaleem RazaHumsafarUrdu1960
Best EditorM. AkramShaam DhaleUrdu1960
Best Sound EditorTaj MalikShaam DhaleUrdu1960
Best Comedian - Special AwardNazeerHumsafarUrdu1960
Best FilmRaazUrdu1959
Best DirectorKhalil QaiserNaginUrdu1959
Best Script WriterRiaz ShahidNeendUrdu1959
Best ActorDarpanSaathiUrdu1959
Best ActressMusarrat NazirJhoomerUrdu1959
Best Supporting ActorAllauddinRaazUrdu1959
Best Supporting ActressNeeloKoelUrdu1959
Best MusicianRasheed AttreNeendUrdu1959
Best LyricistTanvir NaqviKoelUrdu1959
Best CinematographerNabi AhmedJhoomerUrdu1959
Best Playback SingerNoor JahanKoelUrdu1959
Best EditorKhursheed AhmedFaislaUrdu1959
Best Sound EditorC. MandodyKoelUrdu1959
Best FilmAadmiUrdu1958
Best DirectorLuqmanAadmiUrdu1958
Best Script WriterAyub SarwarAadmiUrdu1958
Best ActorHabibAadmiUrdu1958
Best ActressMusarrat NazirZehr-E-IshqUrdu1958
Best Supporting ActorAllauddinAadmiUrdu1958
Best Supporting ActressBano BegumZahr-E-IshqUrdu1958
Best MusicianKhwaja Khurshid AnwarZahr-E-IshqUrdu1958
Best LyricistQateel ShifaiAnarkaliUrdu1958
Best CinematographerRaza MirAakhri NishanUrdu1958
Best Sound EditorAfzal HussainZehr-E-IshqUrdu1958
Best Female Playback SingerNoor JahanAnarkaliUrdu1958
Best FilmSaif-Ud-Din SaifSaath LaakhUrdu1957
Best DirectorW.Z. AhmedWaadaUrdu1957
Best Script / Story WriterSaifuddin SaifSaath LaakhUrdu1957
Best ActorSantosh KumarWaadaUrdu1957
Best ActressSabiha KhanumSaath LaakhUrdu1957
Best Supporting ActorAllauddinAas PaasUrdu1957
Best Supporting ActressNayyar SultanaSaath LaakhUrdu1957
Best MusicianRasheed AttreSaath LaakhUrdu1957
Best CinematographerSuhail HashmiBara AadmiUrdu1957

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